Don’t Say Anything Stupid

I emcee a lot. These never worry me. Tonight is a little different.

Husbands and wives should communicate with candor. Who better to watch your back than your spouse? That’s why it was OK for Helaine to say what I was thinking about an event I’m emceeing tonight. “Don’t say anything stupid,” were her words.

I am the emcee for the CABO Anniversary, Business Expo and Awards Event tonight in Middletown.

I emcee a lot. These never worry me. Tonight is a little different.

CABO is a non-profit organization comprised of Connecticut’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender business owners, corporations, professionals and supporters. CABO is dedicated to promoting the economic prosperity of the LGBT community in Connecticut by encouraging the support of like-minded businesses and entities. CABO also provides information that is both vital and useful to the continued prosperity and expansion of the Connecticut LGBT business community.

My problem is I want to be myself, be funny and have a good time, but I don’t want to say anything that will offend. I’m very unsure where that line runs. That makes it easy to be inadvertently offensive.

If I totally play it safe I won’t be entertaining. Being a disappointment is nearly as bad as being inappropriate.

Much of what I do will be decided on-the-fly. I will try and get the vibe from the audience and go from there.

It’s unusual for me to worry about appearing before a crowd. I’ll report back later.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Say Anything Stupid”

  1. I’ve never heard you say anything remotely offensive. I think if you worry too much, you have a higher risk of saying something wrong. Just relax and have fun!

  2. This is just silly. Sorry, but IT IS! Think of it this way: Do you go around on a DAILY basis talking about people’s sexual preferences? No. You just talk and be yourself, right? You are fine. It is “something” put into your mind and you are focusing too much on it. People are people. Be yourself. (I never had an issue with ANYTHING you’ve said.) Be your witty, kind and wonderful self and you will do GREAT! ‘Nuff said…

  3. Relax and be yourself! You will entertain and make everyone comfortable. That’s part of who you are–you always put people at ease!!! 😀

  4. Everyone who has posted here is absolutely right. You are not someone who would ever say anything offensive, and if you are trying to be sure not to, that’s when something inadvertantly could slip out. So just pretend you are talking to the Rotary Club of Hamden. They would love you; so will these people.

  5. You were fabulous at the CABO event tonight. What a great video and a great job as the emcee! Thanks so much for being there!

  6. Geoff,

    You were perfect. Like I said tonight. When we wanted a emcee you were my first and only choice. You are always welcome to any CABO event

    Many Thanks

    Rob D’Errico
    CABO Events Chairperson

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