Greetings From Minneapolis

Good morning from Minneapolis International. We are on our way to Milwaukee. Flying from Connecticut to Minneapolis to get to Milwaukee only makes sense to an airline!

The outbound flight was uneventful. Considering all the evil things I’ve heard about Delta recently I was struck by the civility of it all.

“I feel like we’re cheating,” Helaine said as we walked by the Southwest gates at Bradley. It’s been a while since we’ve been on anything else.

In this modern era of airline travel EVERYTHING is for sale. Helaine had the opportunity to pay to board the plane earlier. They were selling upgrades at the gate. Even the boarding passes were festooned with ads.

We settled into our seats and promptly fell asleep. It was that sitting up, shoes on, can’t move your head, fitful sleep that’s of little value. I only had a few hours in bed last night so I was glad for whatever I got.

We landed in Minneapolis at gate G12. Our departing flight is at A12. They are far apart at this your “wide stance” airport!

At one point after walking, then taking a tram, then walking some more I realized we were on Concourse A. I looked ahead for our gate.

“It’s beyond the horizon,” I told Helaine.

Boarding time. Gotta go.

2 thoughts on “Greetings From Minneapolis”

  1. Geoff? I know how you feel! When I left Columbus, Ohio (CMH) in summer 2010, I had to go west to Chicago-Midway (MDW) and THEN east to Bradley. That was on Southwest Airlines. A few weeks later, I was leaving Indianapolis (IND). Southwest routed me down to Orlando (MCO) and then up to Bradley (BDL). Counting other flights with them, I was at BWI in Linthicum, MD three times and Orlando International (MCO) three times.

    Have a safe holiday period! Sucks that we won’t see you on air! <:p

  2. While in Milwaukee, take a drive south towards Illinois and make a stop at Mars Cheese Castle. My wife and I usually get through that part of the country about once every 2 years and always make a stop at the castle for some great selection of Wisconsin cheese. Don’t forget to get some cheese curds while you are there.

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