Doppler Gets Cuter

I think she wants to be part of everything!

Christmas photos were being taken at work this afternoon. I forgot my Santa hat! No problem. Helaine realized and called me before I’d driven off our block!

I turned around and pulled in the driveway. Helaine was waiting on the steps. Doppler was waiting too.

I think she wants to be part of everything!

19 thoughts on “Doppler Gets Cuter”

  1. I Didn’t think it was possible….for you to forget something OR for Doppler to get cuter! :0 Cute photo! Next year’s Christmas card, perhaps??

  2. That is a GREAT shot!!! You can so do something creative with that photo….(not that it isn’t awesome the way it is!!!!)

  3. She loves you both and certainly wants to be part of everything you do! She thought you were home from work already! Dopler is the sweetest little girl. 🙂

  4. When you leave, it’s ‘forever’. This time ‘forever’ wasn’t that long. I bet she wasn’t happy when you left again…

    That is so cute – you will need to consider that for a Christmas card.

  5. Wow…you were right….your traffic (if not just the comments) do increase when it’s about Doppler……your dog is a star! ;o)

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