The Child’s Trip Back Home

I’m throwing this out as encouragement to parents of high school or college age children. They do emerge from the darkness.

Stef has been away a long time–nearly two years since she was last in Connecticut. She’s been back for the past week visiting for the holidays. Wow, we’re a Norman Rockwell family all of a sudden!

There has been nearly no conflict. I’m throwing this out as encouragement to parents of high school or college age children. They do emerge from the darkness. Snarky influences from the Disney Channel, MTV, VH1 do diminish.

It’s been a pleasure to see her. That’s probably more so for Helaine with whom she naturally shares more interests.

She seems more calm… more assured. She is less likely to get upset because of a short term bump in the road. Her emotional world no longer turns on a dime.

In other words, she is growing up.

We’ll be heading out west in March for a friend’s son’s bar mitzvah. At the moment that seems too long a wait.

11 thoughts on “The Child’s Trip Back Home”

  1. Goodness, can it be that I remember when she was born? Or at least she was very very little when you were at that station that shall not be named. She seems to be doing well. You guys did a great job obviously!

  2. Thank you Geoff. As the widowed father of 23 and 20 year old daughters, I can use all the assurances I can get about that proverbial light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!
    You’ll miss her like crazy and then settle in, comforted that your March visitation is just around the corner. Who said “children are the bone their children sharpen their teeth on”? I feel down right knawed on, digested and spit out at times! I feel your joy and your pain. It’s a parent thing.

  3. Ah yes, they do grow up… and I cry every time they leave home after a visit — they are now 35, 33 and 31… you miss them so much… and they are actual people you would love to be around — (hey, the teenage years were rough here!) Beautiful young lady! You both must be very proud of her.

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for sharing all your stories and pictures. Stefanie is a lovely young lady, and Doppler is adorable.

  5. You should be proud ! What a beautiful young lady…..and looks so much like Helaine!! are you sure you were even home that night ?? 🙂

  6. That kiss between the two is priceless! My college age kids (3)are also leaving on Monday, the house will be so empty, I will cry. At least you will have Doppler around, she is so adorable. Happy New Year.

  7. Thanks for sharing these feelings and pictures. She is beautiful and I know it’s wonderful to have her home. I have a daughter in college now & a teenage son, it’s nice to know they do emerge out of the darkness at some point. Thanks for the encouragement. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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