I’m A Political Junkie

Have the Republicans marginalized their chance in the general election by moving outside our nation’s norm? Could be. Or maybe it’s me who’s out-of-step?

I am a political junkie. I follow politics, but more importantly I usually enjoy following politics. That being said I’m sick of Iowa and ready to move on. In fact more ready to move on than see the results!

Rick Santorum helped me better understand my own angst by explaining today he supported Mitt Romney in 2008 because Romney was more conservative than John McCain. Of course Santorum is and all the other candidates now claim to be more conservative than Romney.

Wherever the Republican Party was four years ago it’s more conservative today.

Have the Republicans marginalized their chance in the general election by moving outside our nation’s norm? Could be. Or maybe it’s me who’s out-of-step?

I don’t like Romney. It has been said he looks like the guy who fired your dad.

I disapprove of the role of firms like Bain Capitol in our economy. It is Romney whose leadership at Bain helped shape that parasitic industry. He is very good at doing something most of us would find quite distasteful. In Bain’s game there are a few big winners and a lot of losers!

Dislike is one thing. A few of the candidates outright scare me.

I am obviously not the target audience for the candidates in Iowa.

This is not to say President Obama is the draw he was four years ago. Sure he walked into a horrific situation left by the previous administration, but it’s the other stuff that’s upsetting.

He gave telcos who spied on American citizens (aka – us!) retroactive immunity. The Patriot Act and other affronts to our liberty remain in place. The Bush era tax cuts remain for the wealthy. Guantanamo. Our continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. NDAA. It goes on.

Even with those weaknesses barring a “’68 Chicago” scene at the Democratic Convention I can’t imagine the Republicans winning.

Maybe I should follow my weather advice and avoid long range forecasting. It’s seldom right.

8 thoughts on “I’m A Political Junkie”

  1. Obama is least of the evils available right now. He’s no saint by any means (signing NDAA into law was one of the worst things to happen since the PATRIOT ACT) but the others just scare me to no end.

  2. I thought the Iowa caucus was over – until I realized it hadn’t even happened yet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t think it matters because I believe Congress and the corporations who’s hands are in their pockets run this country.

  3. Hey,GEOFF! As one of those who BARELY SURVIVED the 60’s, politics, to me, anyway, i one large board game. The republican clowns, sound so INEPT, falling all over themselves,PRESIDENT OBAMA may win re-election, by just showing up. I hope the president has learned from his mistakes AND, that congress can go back to being the democratic body, it has in the past. At least for 3 years, anyway! Who knows,in 2016,the republicans will FINALLY get a viable candidate !! 🙂

  4. No one is ever happy with the president chosen, yet everyone continues to vote for the carbon copy of the last president. As for me, Ron Paul is my president 🙂

  5. It’s terrifying to watch politicians. sometimes i think it’s just a good ol’ boys club. today i am against you and tomorrow we change it around. no body gets hurt and we just take turns at that ol’ graft and corruption.

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