Tablet Order Cancelled

I was hoping to get a tablet for the holidays. Very exciting. Helaine Santa ordered an Asus Tranformer Prime (TF201). It was considered hands down the best hardware available.

Yes Apple fans the TF201 has better hardware than the iPad2 though Apple’s IOS 5 is currently a smoother, more intuitive operating system than the version of Android that ships in the Prime.

The point is probably moot. An hour ago I asked Helaine to cancel the order.

First, you might be wondering, why am I still waiting for this tablet on January 9th. Good question. I have no good answer.

Meanwhile as the CES opens (and with my tablet still a no show) Asus has announced the next model!

The original Transformer Prime TF201 is barely a month old, and it received solid reviews for its strong performance and sleek design. Hot on its heels is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF700T. This model is due out in the second quarter of 2012, and will complement the existing model; pricing starts at $599 for the 32GB version, and $699 for the 64GB version.

The new model has new placement for the GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth receivers. There have been some complaints those elements under performed in the original model.

Meanwhile Acer has unveiled the Iconia Tab A700. It also looks to have beefy guts in a slender form.

I’m used to computer hardware quickly supplanted by new models, but while I’m still waiting for delivery? Please!

12 thoughts on “Tablet Order Cancelled”

  1. It was nice of them to have delayed the delivery – wouldn’t you have been annoyed if it had arrived yesterday and today you found out about the new version?

  2. Asus obviously didn’t plan their supply vs. demand thing very well. And now they go ahead and supercede the model?? No good!

  3. This reminds me of the electronics commercial where the person walks out of the store with a brand new device, and right outside there is a billboard with the successor to that same device and the customer is like what the heck!.

  4. So My Wife decided to get me one as well. a 64 Gig Model, On order and expected to arrive in Feb 8th- >? Was it the improvement of wifi / GPS that you decided to go with the newest one ? I agree with Melanie that I would / will be very frustrated to get it knowing there is a newer one so quick.

  5. Putting this out there:Some places offer a “buy up” plan supposedly, just for this reason. Are they worth it? Opinions?
    Good luck on keeping up with new technology, Geoff!

    1. I’d like to see something like that for my recently-purchased iPad 2 now that rumors are out there of an iPad 3 – perhaps in multiple versions – this year. It sure would relieve buyer’s regret for ordinary folk for whom this kind of purchase is a big deal.

  6. I had one ordered for my husband and finally gave up and cancelled also.

    I knew technology was obsolete quickly but I would have loved to have it in my hands first!

  7. Reminds me of my uncle waiting for them to perfect TV before he bough a color one. That was back in 1960.
    I have the Toshiba thrive and it is a bit thicker than the Ipad and has inputs. USB and USB mini. Also has input for a SD card to use as external memory or to look at images. HDMI to watch video on your TV. I tried it it actually works. You shouldn’t wait for the next best thing you be waiting forever. Hmmm, wonder if my uncle bought a color TV yet?

  8. I bought an Asus Transformer back in November from…. good tablet, but stuck on Gingerbread… I am now phone on Ice cream sandwich! The keyboard component is a little.quirky, but it doubles the battery life , works as a great stand, and protects the tablet very well… this is now my go to device for plane travel!

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