Out For A Drive In The Snow

Subaru’s are known for their superior abilities in the snow. Unfortunately since late October we’ve had hardly any!

It snowed today and I get to use the two sweetest words in weather: as forecast!

The timing was right. The predicted impact was correct. Make no mistake, this was not a bullseye! At my house there was a lot more snow than forecast. In the Hartford area and much of the northern half of the state there was less than forecast.

You may have noticed I’ve spent the last eight months as the spokesman for Premier Subaru in Branford. Subaru’s are known for their superior abilities in the snow. Unfortunately since late October we’ve had hardly any!

Problem solved today. I threw my camera in the car and set out to document my experience.

This isn’t really part of my deal. I just thought it would be fun to piece together.

It was… and who could have predicted the skidding truck in front of me?

11 thoughts on “Out For A Drive In The Snow”

  1. Great video, Geoff! I have a 1996 Subaru Legacy Wagon with 225,000 miles on it..still goes like a tank in the snow! Love my Subie!

  2. “As forecast”? I didn’t see your forecast so forgive me but no forecast I saw called for more than 6″ that a lot of locations in southern CT received.

    1. Jim – you are correct. As you see I admitted just that in the second paragraph. However, the exact amount isn’t as important as giving an actionable forecast. If all you had was what we forecast on-air you would have been ready for today… including knowing you could get out this evening.

      From a practical standpoint there’s no difference in how a 6″ or 12″ affects us. Do I wish I hit it right on? Of course. It’s our weakest link.

      1. Ok, I understand your point and agree. I’ve heard from people all day, “What happened to the 3-6 inches?” People are so fixed on the number that they don’t take into account your point.

  3. They’ll last! Maybe bout 100k you may experience some trouble. My 03 baja might need new discs soon.

    Went up Long hill crossroad with an 02 forrester on a snowy sunday and left those “rough and tough” 4x4s at the bottom LOL

    Just if you’re pulling out of the driveway in 10″ snow. Try to do it forward and floor it. Did it backwards almost got out, but a car was coming and got stuck right at the plow’s pile.

  4. Nice Subie drive – was that Doppler in the back seat yapping “be careful daddy or go faster daddy?” Good thing that Pea Pod truck didn’t take out the stop sign you had him on video as proof.
    Keep up the good forecasting.
    I love the snow make it do more – PLEASE!!

  5. Yeah pretty cool video. At the risk of sounding like an ad I never hear anything but good about Subaru’s. I would have added an MPH indicator in the video, perhaps a camera shot of a GPS unit showing MPH so we knew how fast you were going.

  6. All the Subaru’s are good in the snow, not only the ones that are born in Branford 🙂 However, on ice, all cars are going to skid at some point.

  7. Very cool — now, back in the day I’ll bet you did cheerios / donuts in parking lots… I could see a well handled slide selling the product as well.

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