I Was The Passenger

Stef called tonight. She was on her way home from visiting a friend in the Valley. It’s a schlep from there to Hollywood. I was her passenger.

It’s exciting to talk to her. She is at the beginning of a journey. Her life is full of choices and opportunities.

Did I expect to have this kind of relationship when she was a teen? You’re kidding, right?

4 thoughts on “I Was The Passenger”

  1. It is the same with me, my wife, and my oldest son, Geoff. He is doing over-the-road trucking right now, and it is kind of cool to be, at times, “in the cab” with him.

  2. I have 2 daughters and 1 son and now that they are adults they are by far my best friends. Enjoy this new relationship,it will last the rest of your life and that is one of the most precious relationship you could ever have.Eventually with a son in law and grandkids you’ll know what the true treasures in life can be.

  3. I’ve had the same situation as ‘Lou’. My son also drives. But our bond is a good one, able to talk for hours, whether or not he’s driving, and *never* get bored. How lucky are we? 🙂

  4. My daughter lives in Albany and walks everywhere. She calls while she’s walking. We talk a lot. I do feel more involved in her life when we have those talks. It’s nice when you finally become friends with your kids and you know that they like you too. Geoff, savor those moments.

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