I Need The Weekend Now

“Give him gas,” came the disembodied voice of my dentist from the hallway.

I went to have my teeth cleaned today. As procedures go this is the least invasive of them all. As the hygienist was getting ready to begin I said, “If you’re not going to be gentle I’ll take the gas.”

“Give him gas,” came the disembodied voice of my dentist from the hallway.

NO2, aka “Nitrous,” pretty much simulates everything I remember from the sixties. Of course like most who were there I don’t remember lots of sixties detail.

I think I had a good time. Can’t be sure.

As my tooth cleaning was coming to an end the gas was switched from NO2 to O2. The idea is when you get out of the chair you shouldn’t be so stoned you can’t walk! There’s always a little residual effect.

The gas should be out of my system. It probably is. I still feel a little cream cheesy even at this late hour.

Maybe it’s just “Fridayitis?” Maybe my body is saying “enough” at just the right time? Maybe it’s too much stair climbing? I’ve made four roundtrips to the basement from my third floor desk today.

Helaine says we have nothing planned for the weekend. Perfect. That’s just what I’m looking forward to doing.

18 thoughts on “I Need The Weekend Now”

  1. My dentist does not use laughing gas for cleanings. But they do shoot water into your mouth and put some plastic thingy there too to vacuum up the water.

  2. I have had cleanings where I wish I had an iv drip of something…..some cleanings can be down right brutal!!! Enjoy your weekend…..nothing sounds good!

  3. True story here. I was at Dr. Cha’s office in Hamden and on the wall in his room was a printout of your blog. I recognized it right away. You did a write-up on him or something and he had it framed. It looked pretty good. And by the way we all need a weekend when we don’t have anything to do. Those are the weekends when you truly get to relax.

    Scott Cimini

  4. I had “gas” for the dentist to remove a crown, fix a cavity & recap it with a temp. I got up to go to the ladies room & I smacked into the wall!! & that was after the O2 was on!!!

  5. OMG
    That is hilarious
    Love the sixtes reference for the record I feel the same way about the seventies
    Another great post Mr fox!!!!

  6. Poor Geoff, I need a dentist badly, feeling some pain in my upper teeth and phantom pain in a missing tooth hole? Don’t worry I know some people who are downright terrified of anyone going near their mouth and without the gas couldn’t have anything done!

  7. I really so enjoy your writing. (I know, I say it all the time, but it is true!)
    No one will ever replace Andy Rooney, but you run in a close contest with him as far as I am concerned. Have a good weekend!

  8. Not the most flattering photo of you…..But, yes I agree, you’d be perfect in the Andy Rooney department…. thought you were tougher than gas…

  9. Geoff,

    You are a brave man to post that photo. I don’t enjoy the dentist at all, but the current hygienist (Laurie)I have is excellent, and my fear index has dropped greatly.
    Way to go.

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