Nighttime Sky Over My House

There are no clouds nor is there wind. Considering I’m in the burbs tonight was as good as it gets.

I want to take shots of the nighttime sky, but I hate being outside at night! Tonight was too beautiful to miss. The Moon set early leaving the sky overhead quite dark.

There are no clouds nor is there wind. Considering I’m in the burbs tonight was as good as it gets.

I went up stairs plucked my 8mm lens and threw it on my Canon 7D. This lens is the photography equivalent of the fisheyes used on apartment door peepholes.

The lens is fully manual so I set it around F/5.6 with ISO 6400 and the shutter open 30 seconds. If I’d held the shot much longer the movement of the Earth seen as ‘streaky stars’ would have been evident.

I need to plan a night and go somewhere really dark. There are more shots to be taken.

6 thoughts on “Nighttime Sky Over My House”

  1. You don’t like the night? Heavens, I would have thought you would LOVE it,there is SO much to see in the sky at night. It is my favorite time to be outside and looking up.The stars and moon are jewels on a dark velvet cloth, just like in your picture, which by the way is awesome !!

  2. watch out for mountain lions . he he he . really though , you live down there near those deer infested woods. remember the one those wacks for the state dep said was from where was it minnisota , the one that got hit on the highway. they said it would have to have left there in 2007 . thats the summer i saw one just north of you behind the tech school in meriden , he/she was chaseing 2 deer and i almost ended up in the middle of the hunt as the two deer bolted flashing thier tails , the big cat then jumped the trail in front of me and persued the deer , i used to go out at night , heck i even used to hike without a stick and knife , not any more, just keep your eyes peeled , i saw this cat about 100 yards from homes and quite literaly against the fence of a ball field at wilcox tech , now it official ct woods has lions and bears , and predators hunt at night , wouldnt want you to become dinner geoff

  3. My daughters house is in Bolton and its so clear and dark on top of the “mountain”. Beautiful view of the Moon with Mars and Jupiter. I think those were the 2 planets visible so brightly last night.

  4. My family and I were just commenting on how clear it was. My husband and I were reminicing about when we were in Taos, NM. Now that is a clear sky. The stars were amazing!

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