A Night In Southington

Oh Aqua Turf. Don’t you know how I love your prime rib?

I was out and about tonight doing an appearance on behalf of the station. I went to the Aqua Turf in Southington for the Southington United Way’s annual dinner. My job was to be their auctioneer. That’s something I’ve done before and enjoy.

Going to the Aqua Turf is exciting. They are prime rib! They are prime rib served in a portion large enough for Fred Flintstone! They are really tasty prime rib served in a portion large enough for Fred Flintstone.

Have I made my point?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day week. They served corned beef! Sh#t!

Oh Aqua Turf. Don’t you know how I love your prime rib?

One learns to fight adversity!

The place was packed even on this Thursday night. It’s good to see a community get behind their United Way. In this day and age of national chains for food and goods it’s important to preserve what’s left that’s local.

imageI saw a few friends including Marty Peshka from ESPN and Al Terzi. Al Terzi in Southington is like the Pope in Rome. Tradition is on his side.

As far as I can tell everything went well. I helped auction off nine items and hopefully got a little extra money for local projects.

As I was getting ready to leave a woman approached me. She was from Southington’s hospital. They’re have a fashion show in September. Would I help?

It never ends… but that’s a good thing.

9 thoughts on “A Night In Southington”

  1. Sad story about Aqua Turf is that the workers there are poorly paid for all the big-wig functions they have to serve. They give oodles to charities but not much shared with wait staff and cooks.

  2. I knew it …. I knew it ……. I knew it Al Terzi is going to be working st FOX CT. He would be a wonderful addition. Sure do love the guy.

    1. Scott – Someone mentioned this on Facebook. Al didn’t say anything about working here and I certainly don’t know anything. He’s too good to be off-the-air for long! Someone will pick him up.

  3. I did here the plan is Terzi goes back to 8 to do the news with Nyberg.
    I also heard that Nyberg’s contract is only an extention, not the same deal she had before and considerably less money.

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