James Cameron’s Dive

It’s not outer space, but it might as well be! You’re totally removed from everything we need on Earth. You’re close, but not that close. The margin of error is small.

I’ve been reading about James Cameron’s voyage to the bottom of the ocean. He is a very good promoter now with a very promotable story.

In case you hadn’t heard Cameron designed and financed a torpedo shaped one-man sub which rocketed to the bottom of the deepest ocean trench on Earth!

We’re talking very unfriendly territory. No sunlight penetrates that deep limiting the types of live that can survive.

There’s also the pressure. Each square inch of Cameron’s “Deepsea Challenger” is feeling 15750 pounds of it!

It’s not outer space. It might as well be! Totally removed from everything we need on Earth. Close. Not that close. The margin of error is small.

Back when I did Inside Space I spent a little time with some astronauts. They impressed me as more college professor than Harrison Ford.

They never have to recuperate from job related injuries. You’re unscathed or you die. They rationalize the risk.

I don’t think I could do it. Cameron’s a bright man. He understands.

Whenever this is made into a movie and TV show (National Geographic is all over this so it’s sure to be their special or series) it will do well. If you think he’s promoting it well now, just wait!

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