The Sun Came Up Over Santa Monica Blvd


Good morning from the Southland. We’ve got a brunch to attend as the weekend’s festivities continue.

The sun is finally out! The sky is deep blue. The world is again in sync.

There will be no jet lag for me! In fact last night I went to bed earlier than my normal Connecticut bedtime.

Last night we attended the actual Bar Mitzvah service and reception at a beautiful synagogue overlooking the LA Basin and the Valley from a perch above Mulholland Drive.  There was some rain, but before the night ended the sky cleared revealing exceptional views.

I mentioned celebs on Facebook last night.  That’s the product of my friend Howard’s business.

Dr. Drew was there with his wife. The producer from his HLN show, Burt Dubrow (an old friend)  was there too.  I also got to meet Shadoe Stevens and comedian/ writer Pat Bullard. No disappointments.

Programming legend Fred Silverman was also in the house, but left before I could get a chance to say hello.

More to come. My stomach is grumbling and breakfast awaits.

3 thoughts on “The Sun Came Up Over Santa Monica Blvd”

  1. Must be nice to be traveling to California. Gee! I can do that too. Wish I knew someone there. Hey! I know Geoff. Well, only from TV. But, hey! Why not? Have agreqt time there hope the weather improves.

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