Porch Time


I am restless tonight. Can’t tell you why. Lots of pacing. Lots of getting up for no good reason. Thankfully this easy weather makes my moment-to-moment presence less critical.

I just walked across the newsroom to our third floor patio. It’s a designated smoking area, but there’s no one there this time of night.

It’s a pretty cool perch. Look down to see fairly active railroad tracks. Look straight ahead and Hartford’s skyline (sorry New Haven – on this one you lose) fills the view. Broad Street is directly below. A slight turn left reveals I-84.

It’s still a little chilly for a long stay. Within the next month I’ll start going out there nearly every night.

To entice potential employees companies often mention fringe benefits and extras. No one mentioned this. It’s a bonus.

3 thoughts on “Porch Time”

  1. I worked at FOX when it was at the other building. No perch. My desk was next to the fire exit that went out to the parking garage. Ugh. The up side was that if there was a fire I was first out.

  2. I worked at the Journal-Courier when it was still on Orange Street, and not in the repurposed shirt factory at Long Wharf. I remember one night we went out on the roof to watch the illegal fireworks displays in Wooster Square. That was pretty cool.

  3. I remember that Orange Street building. My mom worked for the JC in the 60s/70s. I was just a kid. She worked mostly from home, but she had to go there on Sundays to drop off news.

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