Veep, Second Look

I want to like this show. I really do. It just feels like there are moments when it stops and becomes listless.

I like the characters. I like the snippiness and self importance.

On Twitter Michael Walsh said,

@geofffox #Veep isn’t about editing! @Aiannucci is a satire/comedy master. He made The Thick of It & In the Loop before coming to America.

Don’t care.

I will probably give Episode 3 a look too, but that’s where my commitment stops. Right?

2 thoughts on “Veep, Second Look”

  1. Bottom line. HBO has not delivered one show that has even come close to The Sopranos.
    And I don’t think they ever will.

  2. Jay-

    Have you ever seen “The Wire”, also an HBO show? Many, including myself, who have seen both feel “The Wire” is probably the best show in the history of television. (The Sopranos is also high on the list, of course)

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