My View From Adulthood

With a zillion Facebook friends I get a pretty good view of the population in general. My college age friends are complaining about finals. It’s that time of year.

Seriously? Right before you get the summer-and-a-half off?

Wait until you get out for good! With a child who sometimes still needs parental guidance and parents who often need the same from their progeny, I can tell you it doesn’t get easier than what you’ve got now.

College is structured. There are certain things you need at certain times. It’s all laid out. There are few surprises.

Grown-up life is the opposite. Nothing is laid out. Everything is a surprise. Deadlines tend to be immovable and happen much too soon. Spelling might not count, but everything else does.

You can flunk out of being an adult just as you can flunk out of school. The price is higher.

When I was growing up no one told me what I’d be facing. Maybe it’s better that way. I was in for a shock!

I couldn’t wait to grow up because I knew I’d be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. It doesn’t work that way, does it?

I’m happy as an adult. I finally understand how the game is played.

7 thoughts on “My View From Adulthood”

  1. Being a grown up adult is much better than being a kid or a teenager. But not as much fun as being a college student who had way to much fun.

  2. “I’m happy as an adult. I finally understand how the game is played.”

    Want to share the secret? I’m still trying to figure it out, and I think we’re about the same age. 🙂

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