Stuff I Learn On Facebook

When boyfriends and girlfriends fight, when someone has a baby or grandchild, when there’s a graduation, sickness, injury or death, I read about it on Facebook. My thousands of Facebook friends are an endless source of knowledge for curious Geoff.

There is one bit of tid which stands out. It’s from my Facebook friend Aly. Here’s the full text of her most recent status update:


Aly is counting how many times she poops this year! By the way, asking if it was only poops being tallied is my most delicate question of 2012, so far.

I’m guessing she’s a fruits, vegetables and fiber girl based solely on the number! At this rate she’ll top 900 before the year is out.

Like I said, Facebook is an endless source of knowledge and often TMI!

6 thoughts on “Stuff I Learn On Facebook”

  1. Um, ally either needs a hobby or she is showing others how ridiculous their posts can get. if That’s the case then she is brilliant.

  2. Sorry but that’s disgusting no one needs to know that…TMI is absolutely correct! Doesn’t Ally know that less is more?

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