Enveloped By The Humidity

It’s Memorial Day at work. Don’t feel pity. I am thrilled to be here… thrilled to be working.

There were severe weather threats earlier (and more for tomorrow), but it’s mainly been a hot, sticky and easy day for me.

I love this weather!

Spoiled? Me? Sure. I live and work in climate controlled comfort. That’s not what I’m talking about.

This is the time of the year when walking outside comes without forethought.

I just stepped out on our third floor balcony to take a look at the Hartford skyline&#185. The humidity enveloped me like an old friend. As long as I don’t wear a coat I am perfectly dressed.

This summerish weather run until early October. I plan on taking advantage. Will someone slow the clock, please?

&#185 – Are there really enough people working on Memorial Day to justify all the lights on in the United Health Care tower?

5 thoughts on “Enveloped By The Humidity”

  1. I am baffled by the way people are told to conserve on energy while stores leave their doors open with air conditioning going out the door. Same with water usage. I’ve worked in factories where the water flows continuously from leaky sinks. We are told to conserve. Don’t large companies have to follow the same rules of conservation?

    1. I’m with you Bob. I once heard that the largest user of water in New York City by far is underground leakage!

  2. I have to keep a warm jacket in the car for whenever I go into Stop and Shop, sometimes in the spring it’s colder in there than outside…..I always wonder why they turn on the air by a specific date and just leave it on frigid…..even when its cold outside…..seems kinda silly to buy pasta and canned goods that fog up when you bring them outside!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this weather. I never complain that it’s too hot or too humid. But I complain long and loud when it’s cold (or even cool).

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