This Time Of Night

Twenty after three. Sorry you’re not up right now. It’s a great time of day.

Things have really changed since you went to sleep. I know. Doppler just took me out for the third time!

It’s cooler and drier now. The clouds have begun to part. Large patches of starlit sky are visible.

It is quiet–remarkably quiet. No traffic. No insects. No airplanes. No people.

Usually Doppler and I don’t go out until 4:00 or later. By then the sky is beginning to lighten. Birds are chirping. Tonight, nothing.

Toward the end of our last trip I heard the distant howl of a dog. It was barely above the my ear’s threshold.

This is the perfect time of year.

One thought on “This Time Of Night”

  1. Oh I was up, but my phone and internet went down around 2am….had a VERY pesky raccoon go after my garbage pail …after 4 times chasing the bugger away….I gave up…..sleep…what sleep?

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