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We are staying at the Palazzo.  It is a spectacular hotel,  but along with everything else in Las Vegas the beautiful and tacky exist side-by-side.  I’m not sure it’s symbolized more perfectly than these American flags in the passageway connecting Palazzo with the Venetian.

The flags are so oversized and gaudy it’s tough to look at them and remember what they’re supposed to symbolize.  They are the definition of in your face!  Nothing in Las Vegas is done when it can be overdone!

One of the big local news stories today is the legal fight between Wayne Newton and some developers over plans to turn his estate,  Shenandoah,  into the Wayne Newton Museum!   So Vegas!

The bowling alley we went to Sunday had 70 lanes.

When you look around it’s tough to think the city isn’t involved in some weird **** measuring contest!

I have heard a rumor retold dozens of times that when Sheldon Adelson built Palazzo it was purposely positioned to block afternoon sun from the pool at Wynn Las Vegas across the street!  Would this story ring true anywhere but here?

Big begets bigger,  then bigger still.  Once a property is outflanked in size it’s time to rip it down and build something  bigger.  We’re on the 15th floor.  I commented to Helaine I can’t remember us being on a lower  floor ever.

And yet all of this is the ‘charm’ of Vegas.  It’s part of what makes it one of-a-kind in the world.   In Las Vegas,  tacky works… actually,  tacky rules!

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  1. Loving all these Vegas posts! It’s one of our favorite places to visit. The stories have been getting me even more excited about our trip to Vegas next week on Wed. Can’t wait for sun, people watching and little gambling 🙂

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