Always Wired

Back to work later today. I’m attending a webinar at 2:00 pm to learn more about the tropical weather capabilities of our weather graphics system.

I haven’t been out of touch. You never are anymore, are you? We’re all reachable, all on-call even when we’re off the clock.

I RSVPed for the webinar from my hotel. That’s where I got the message telling me there was a webinar.

I get it. Alas, it seems so natural and needed. I wish that wasn’t true.

I’m on-air in the garden today. I booked my guest (we’re talking garden pests at 4 & 10 on FoxCT) via email while away in Vegas. My time. It had to be done and there was no one to do it but me.

I filled out a job review survey on my boss too. Who thinks this is a good idea? Listen, she picked me up off the street like some ragamuffin&#185! Spoiler alert: I like her a lot.

Email. Facebook. Twitter. Gotta update the blog.

There was a time we weren’t so wired. I like this way better, but also understand there’s a price we pay.

&#185 – Let it be noted, I have never before typed the word ragamuffin.

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