Englehart Gives Me A Shoutout

Bet we’ve got something at work you don’t have. We’ve got a cartoonist! Uh huh. We’ve got a guy who draws cartoons for a living. Bob Engleheart’s cartoons run on the Courant’s editorial page, on the web and often on FoxCT.

It’s cool to watch his cartoons come together. He draws with pen and ink then colors with his computer.

Bob’s drawing skills are really a cover. He’s actually paid to express his opinion. Dream job, right?

I have been known to throw suggestions Bob’s way. He took me up on one!

Geoff Fox asked me to draw a cartoon about Donald Trump. He didn’t tell me what to draw, or give me a gag, but he really wanted me to do something on Trumpus Maximus.

Bob calls him Trump the Chump. The cartoon pays homage to the Romney campaign’s Etch-A-Sketch line then finds a suitable toy for The Donald!

My thanks to Bob for graciously drawing my request.

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