My Dad Was In The Navy (Video)

Even as a kid I enjoyed listening to my dad talk about the Navy. He served in the Pacific mostly during WWII. His ships never saw enemy fire. It doesn’t matter. The stories are good.

He is part of Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation.” He went to war on his 18th birthday. It was October.

Right now he’s got his hands full with my mom. That’s quite the task at 86.

A few weeks ago I asked him to talk about his naval service. I’ll be posting short (minute or so) clips over the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “My Dad Was In The Navy (Video)”

  1. Pls pass on thanks to you dad for his service. Having watched my mother during my father’s illness I understand how “full” his hands are. Unfortunately, I was liking 90 miles away at the time and my support/help was limited to weekends and the telephone. Don’t forget to give him a chance to vent, it helps.

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