The Weirdest Letter

I was just thinking back to a weird letter I got years ago.

It had to be years ago. I don’t get traditional mail at work anymore. Email? Plenty.

The letter was from an organization that promoted tourism on Cape Cod. It probably wasn’t the Chamber of Commerce, but something similar.

They noticed a full rain free week in New England is a rarity. They thought that was bad for business. You know, someone sees rain in the forecast and stays home.

It’s tough for resorts that first grew mainly because they were close to cities. Nowadays with flying, close isn’t as important.

The Cape folks wanted me (and I assume the other stations) to drop the extended forecast! Get rid of that pesky rain! It’s always easier to shoot the messenger.

2 thoughts on “The Weirdest Letter”

  1. Reminds me of the people who think we should move the “deer crossing” signs because too many of them get hit when they cross there.

  2. Geoff,
    Many years ago when you were employed by the other station, I was planning to go to the Cape for the Memorial day weekend. You had forcasted rain for most of it. Planning on being disappointed I went anyway and though it had rained in buckets in CT the weather in the Cape turned out spectacular! Shortly after my return from the weekend I e-mailed you regarding how wrong your forcast was. You replied to me saying that you forcast the weather for CT. Not the Cape. It made me think that your correct. Why should the people of the Cape rely on your extended forcast for tourism. Even though we are close in proximity the weather can be completely different. Keep up the good work Geoff!

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