Ninth Anniversary Of This Blog!

This is the 5,462 post. You have responded with 19,550 comments. Thank you.

The first entry in this blog was July 4, 2003. That’s nine years ago today. Crazy. When you start you don’t think about things like that.

I haven’t missed a day since October 22, 2006. Obsessive? Probably.

This is the 5,462 post. You’ve sent 19,550 comments. Thanks.

Moving servers and changing blogging platforms have caused me to lose track of the visitors. Rough estimate is 4-5 million page views since it began. That’s a lot for a blog, but small potatoes compared to a commercial site.

Most everything is indexed on Google. Some older pages get pretty regular traffic because they deal with esoteric subjects or people and Google has made me an authority!

Everything in the blog is true, but not everything is in the blog. Though I lead a pretty public life there are some things (my family wishes more things) that are off limits.

I enjoy people reading my writing. Drop by often.

5 thoughts on “Ninth Anniversary Of This Blog!”

  1. I’ve been a follower since you left that other station. I had no idea until then of the diversity of your interests. I’m glad you enjoy doing this and return frequently to see what’s going on on the sidelines of your job. I think you’ve found a home at Fox and you seem much more comfy there now.

  2. I stumbled across the site via your Medialine weather board handle back in 2003 (ah, the pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter free time we used to have). I was working my first gig in South Dakota and figured I could probably learn a thing or two from someone who had been a chief in a top 30 market for a couple of decades. I was right! Nine years later and I still thoroughly enjoy your daily posts. Keep doing what you do, renaissance weather man!

  3. I have been a follower since you came to FOXCT. I enjoy reading your blogs daily as you are never a bore to me. You’re awesome! Thanks for sharing your stories and congrats on the 9th year anniversary of your blogs!

  4. Geoff
    I have been following your blog sence 04 or so. I have enjoyed each and every post.

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