The Bag That Almost Got Away

We’re at Terminal A, Bradley Airport. Our flight is an hour away. We’re very excited about the Alaskan cruise we board tomorrow.

Getting to this point has been interesting to say the least!

My tablet was in the shop for repairs. No problem. It was due back today and actually made it to my house around 9:30 AM.

I didn’t hear the doorbell!

When Helaine opened the front door an hour later there was a tag saying it would be redelivered Monday. We’ll be in Juneau, Alaska Monday!

I’m going to be a little light on details because rules were bent, but thanks to some well placed Facebook friends my now fully charged tablet is in my bag. Someone contacted the driver who doubled back and walked it up our driveway.

I won’t lie. I’m sure this delivery happened because I’m the guy on TV. It’s something I take advantage of as infrequently as possible. I’ve tried my best to make sure all parties involved understand my gratitude. I am VERY grateful.

Unfortunately the pre-trip stories don’t end there!

As we were in the car getting ready to drive off Helaine looked at me. “I don’t remember packing your shaver,” she said.

I didn’t look upon that as tragedy. Does anyone enjoy shaving? We’re going to Alaska. I could grow my beard like the natives.

I opened the garage and headed back inside. As it turns out my shaver wasn’t in the bathroom. It must be packed.

However, as I headed back to the stairs I noticed our soft sided “suiter” sitting there! Somehow we forgot it.

Is this a critical piece of luggage? Hell yeah! Everything that hangs (and that includes the coats we took for the Alaskan chill) is in that bag. Once we were at the airport there wouldn’t have been time to go back and get it.

Close call! Too close!

Seattle is far away. From Bradley it’s also inconvenient. We’re flying via Las Vegas. We don’t land until nearly 3:00 AM EDT.

5 thoughts on “The Bag That Almost Got Away”

  1. Everything happens for a reason….shaver/coats……hope all else is remembered…I can never relax on a trip until I figure out what I forgot…..usually it’s something I can duplicate once I arrive, or just do without. Have an amazing & safe trip…looking forward to updates.

  2. Have a wonderful time! We did an Alaska cruise 4 years ago & it was great! I know I don’t have to say this, but take lots of photos!

  3. Wow, have a great time!! 4 years ago our tour schedule took us to Alaska for a week, and while the weather was horrible (e.g. while driving through Denali National Park we didn’t get a single glimpse of the mountain through the rain & fog) and the only wildlife specimen we came across was a single sea otter on our last day, it was still the trip of a lifetime. I hope I get to go back someday when I’m not working — and the weather is better. 🙂

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