It’s My Birthday

It was no big deal to the people at the Draft Board. It wasn’t that big a deal to me. I never thought there was a chance I’d be drafted, which was absolutely stupid. I was prime meat!

It’s my birthday. A promise has been made. My age will not be revealed. However, think old.

Helaine baked a cake and got me a gift. Stef sent a card from SoCal. Doppler sent a card too.

Has anyone else noticed, dogs are dyslexic? I only base this on Doppler and Roxie’s signatures.

I’ll spend a good part of today looking in on Facebook. There is a constant stream of birthday greetings on my wall. It’s like reading pledges on the “Geoff Fox Telethon.”

I read and cherish every good wish received. I am touched you let me in your life.

I was thinking back to my 18th birthday. Nothing really earth shattering happened, but it was a milepost day and I remember some of it in great detail.

I worked at Sears. This was a long time ago, but we were store #4524, a B3A store. I worked in catalog shipping and on the credit desk.

I worked with a girl, a year or two older than me. I think her name was Lucy. We flirted. Nothing ever came of it. I knew very little about girls.

Sears paid us weekly in yellow envelopes. On the outside of the envelope were the handwritten details of my weekly pay. Inside was the money in actual bills and coins!

At lunch I went out, bought an two albums (Cream and Doors, I think, each $2.79) then walked to the Selective service Office at Main Street and Kissena Blvd. On my 18th birthday I registered for the draft.

It was no big deal to the people at the Draft Board. It wasn’t that big a deal to me. I never thought there was a chance I’d be drafted, which was absolutely stupid. I was prime meat!

That draft card with a beta version of my grownup signature is still in my drawer upstairs.

I went back to work

I was nearing the end of living at home. In August I headed to California on my own. In September I moved to Boston to go to college.

I was so naive. I had no idea what awaited me. That’s a lot of birthdays ago.

32 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday”

  1. You know you’re getting older when you start to look back on your birthdays instead of forward. lol. Ahh, to have that innocence and confidence of an 18 yr old again. I’d say things have worked out well for you – may they continue to do so as each birthday passes.

  2. Age is just a number. You look and act younger than most of us in your age range. What amazes me is how much you remember in such detail all the way back to your 18th birthday. Does that mean that you can’t remember what you had for dinner last night? I do wish you a very Happy Birthday Geoff. All the love that comes your way is well deserved.

  3. Happy Birthday Geoff! In our hearts, we are all still 18! Have a glorius day. (Looks like you are getting “WEATHER” for your birthday. Truly hope it leaves CT unscathed!)

  4. If you could sit down and have a little chat with your 18-year-old self; what would you tell him or ask him? And wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what he would ask or tell you!
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Fox.
    Thank you for letting us into your life here.
    Now, pass the cake, please!

  5. Look at the bright side – Al’s older than you, and he’s still going strong. You’ve got some forcasts yet to do! Happy Birthday!

  6. “They say it’s your Birthday…..Happy Birthday to YA…you’re gonna have a GOOD Time……da, na, na, na, na, na, na, NA!!!!!” like the Beatles would have wished you ….then and now….we all look back once in a while …live it up…today and every day…God Bless.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFF! Just think, Sir Michael Philip Jagger, a/k/a Mick Jagger, is 69 years old today and still going strong. Yes, age is simply just a number. It’s so close to the weekend so continue the celebration until Sunday night. You’re worth it!

  8. Happy birthday Geoff! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. All the best to you on your special day and I hope you get what you wanted!

  9. Happy birthday, Geoff. We each need our own special day – its more than changing the number on the forms. Best wishes for more great experiences and fun things to do.

  10. Happy Birthday, Geoff! Have a great day – despite the weather – and let Doppler be your guide. Within reason.

  11. I’ve noticed a lot of thoughts going back over my life as my age moves forward. I guess that’s part of the process. Just be sure to celebrate today for today Geoff. Happy Birthday!

  12. If I was givin a chance to pick a list of ppl that I could go back and relive one day with them,you would be on that list.

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Geoff, Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!! Remember Geoff, age is just a number, enjoy the rest of YOUR DAY!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Geoff!! I’m glad you’ve been around for all these years…and hoping for many more years to watch/listen to and read you.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFF. You still got it kid! Nice to see you and Al full circle together again. Hope to see you soon. Love to the family.

  16. And you just last week sent me a note saying you were not old. and here you put think old. I tell you what. (age is but a number it is truly in how you act and feel). You my friend are still young and might i mention looking good to. Have a terrific year ahead and enjoy

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