The Radar Was Crazy

The radar has been nuts tonight. Just crazy! While 99% of the state remained dry, little town sized cells popped up randomly.

There were never more than two strong cells at once, mostly just one, and they moved really s-l-o-w-l-y. That means a downpour remaining over one spot for an extended period.

I called the Meriden Police dispatcher around 10:20 PM. Was there flooding? At that moment Meriden was virtually the only town in the state getting rain, but it was enough for concern!

My guess is I use radar a lot more than you. Usually I can look at the radar and visualize what’s under the individual echoes. I never set out to master that skill. It happens over time. Radar interpretation becomes a lot easier.

It’s very unusual to see a singular strong event in Connecticut. We don’t get our weather that way (though other places do).

Earlier a cell blew through Colchester, Norwich and North Stonington before heading into Rhode Island. Later one formed over Beacon Falls. Over two hours that cell only progressed as far as Branford! I drove through a piece of it on my way home. Not pleasant.

These are made for TV storms! If you watched FoxCT tonight at 10 and 11 you might have noticed I was able to go into very specific detail. I had time and a limited set of targets!

My job was very enjoyable tonight… very satisfying. That’s a good way to start the weekend.

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