The Baseball Season Has Ended

Show up at the next Phillies home game with a glove and they might let you play the outfield.

“I guess I’m going to stop following him.” Helaine’s words. Shane Victorino’s Twitter account. She’s not happy.

It’s been a tough year for Phillies fans. Let me use the proper sports term. The Phillies suck!

There are 70 games left in the season, but unless all the other teams in the NL East are in a tragic bus accident, the Phils are done. They’re 12 games under 500, 16 games behind.

There are so many teams ahead of them in the Wild Card chase it looks like the halftime line to the men’s room at an Eagles game!

Too hard? Did I work too hard to make that last line fit? Whatever.

This season we’ve suffered as the Phils have done everything in their power to lose. That should be enough. It’s not!

Today the Phils traded two starting outfielders, Shane Victorino (to the Dodgers) and Hunter Pence (to the Giants). Victorino and Pence are legitimate baseball stars. Gone. They’re already telling their new fans how excited they are.

Show up at the next Phillies home game with a glove and they might let you play the outfield.

The trading deadline ended at 4:00 PM. The pain will linger.

This type of payroll offloading is common. It still stings. You hope your team will be playing for something through September. We didn’t make it through July!

3 thoughts on “The Baseball Season Has Ended”

  1. I find the Phillies “payroll offloading” a bit mystifying given that this year seems like an anomaly – I think they would have been right back in the mix next year. Go figure. At least their pitching stayed intact.

    As a misplaced Phillies (and Sixers/Eagles/Flyers) fan myself I feel your pain.

  2. As a Red Sox fan, I feel your pain. The season was over before it even started, the minute they fired Francona and replaced him with Valentine. For the first time in many, many years, I’m not watching games unless there’s nothing else on and I have nothing better to do.

  3. Sounds like my Red Sox! Welcome to my world ! Very dissapointing to know your season is basically over so soon……nothing left to look forward to in baseball……….except for us red sox fans, to see the Yankees lose !…..

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