The State Of The Leg Report

Two days on steroids now. I have not gotten into any barroom brawls. That’s good! My leg still hurts, but not as much. That’s very good.

If Tuesday was a 10 on the pain scale, Wednesday was a 4… until I drove home. I guess gas pedals and sciatica don’t mix.

When I got home I sat on the couch but stretched out my leg and rested it on the coffee table. Big mistake.

I’m not where I was, but this is a setback I didn’t expect this afternoon. Back to a 7 or 8.

I will be more careful Thursday, though I’ve got to drive and later stoop and bend for my garden segment. I’ll be damned if I’ll allow this getting old crap to get to me!

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  1. “I’ll be damned if I’ll allow this getting old crap to get to me!”
    Yeah, let me know how that works out for ya, Geoff.

  2. If you keep anything (Giant wads of folding money etc) in your back pocket find a new place to carry it….can make a huge difference in pressure to sciatic area…fell better….don’t give up on the meds…extremely important with prednisone to follow dosing procedure…..(RN advice)

  3. Had it a few times and the worst would be when trying to get out of the car. just that position sitting in the car for awhile would really effect it alot. they had me put moist heat on my back and did excersies for it , also wore a brace.

  4. I had the same kind of pain 15+ years ago, ruptured disk… ICE is your friend when the pain hits in the car… and forgot to re-freeze the ice pack? Use a bag of frozen peas… they conform nicely… and my PT told me this one that is dog friendly, too: 2 ziplock freezer baga + corn syrup = pour the large bottle of corn syrup in the ziplock bag, put this filled bag into another ziplock and freeze… tint it blue with food coloring if you like. They are GREAT… cheap, comfortable and if the dog ever chews it, it’s CORN SYRUP… and it lasts for quite a while. GOOD LUCK w/ the back…

  5. Standing or lying flat are the best positions for sciatica, or any back problem, sitting anywhere (esp. in a soft chair or couch) is the worst. Try a gel ice pack when you have to drive. Some people respond to heat or cold, you’ll have to see which works best for you. I have multiple disc issues and use an ice pack on car trips other than around town along with a tens 3000 unit. Good luck, hoping you recover soon. (RN advice)

  6. You need to determine what position sets it off, and avoid said position. Sounds like a “duh” comment, I know, but we tend to move around without thinking, and then OWWWW! Rosemary is right…standing or lying flat are the best, although I found I needed a small pillow under my legs. My best sleeping position seems to be on the opposite side of the pain, in a fetal position, with that pillow between the legs. But you have to gently try different positions to find which ones will work for you. This really sucks, doesn’t it? The prednisone should help, but it may be gradual. One thing you are learning is a LOT of people have this problem. (That doesn’t console you much,does it?) Good luck, friend.

  7. Surprised no one has mentioned physical therapy. I have found several yoga positions that stretch out the muscle which is pinching the nerve. Yep…muscle. That is usually the cause. Most important thing to do to keep an aging body supple is yoga stretches – that and strong abdominals to support that lower back. You will stay young forever. Here is a Link to one of many informative articles with a stretch. Google-Psoas stretch or muscle.



    CHEERS !


    1. Peter is right and wrong. Steroids CAN give you cataracts, not WILL. And if it happens it happens after long term use. Your doctor has given you a short term prescription, and cataracts are not a worry in that situation.

  9. Don’t let Sciatica make you feel old Geoff. I had my first attack of sciatica at 27 years of age.
    Pyhsical therapy is a big help, as well as Ice packs. Quickest for me is always a few adjustments from my chiropractor.

    Good Luck!

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