On The Way To Milwaukee


Little planes. This is the era of little planes.  Airlines used to brag about their wide bodied behemoths.  That ship has sailed… so to speak.

I’m writing from a Canadair regional jet.  It does everything the big  jets do without the comfort.

I’ve already been to the men’s room.  How do full sized people fit in there? I’m 5’ 9″ and was stooped over. 

Our flight to Cincinnati was delayed by a ‘small’ maintenance issue.  There’s some federal official up front on a check ride today.  I wonder if that made it more difficult to defer? After all,  we’re going where Pinnacle (Delta codeshare) has mechanics.

This has been a bad day for my sciatica.  Lots of little yelps while getting up or down.  The TSA let me keep my sneakers on a Bradley.  I got an explosives swab check instead.  Fair trade.

Today’s final destination is Milwaukee.  We’re seeing the Phillies and Brewers with my sister, brother-in-law and their family. If we’re all still talking we’ll do it again tomorrow too.

Meanwhile there’s a long way to go this afternoon.  The Cincinnati/Milwaukee leg leaves at 3:45 and arrives at 3:46. That’s impressive!

Quick trip.  Home Sunday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “On The Way To Milwaukee”

  1. Name of the game is butts in seats that buy tickets. All else is out the window..

    Cattle are required to have more space…

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