My Story In The Courant

Though it doesn’t officially run until Sunday’s Courant, my recap of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene is online.

I love writing and am thrilled the Courant chose to publish this. Thanks to Carolyn Lumsden, Editorial Page Editor, and Peter Pach, Op-Ed Editor, for saying yes.

Print journalism is special. It is the seed corn from which most of what you read elsewhere originates. These are tough times for print. Print needs to find a way to survive.

4 thoughts on “My Story In The Courant”

  1. Loved the article, Geoff. Gave great insight into how Irene formed and what the NHC did to try and help forecasters. Hopefully people will listen more and more when future storms come.

  2. You have really spread your wings since going to channel 61! Your blog has really given us all a chance to see what a multi-talented person you are.

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