Sorkin’s Newsroom

It would seem Helaine and I are the only people to like Aaron Sorkin’a Newsroom on HBO.  We watched two more episodes tonight. We are invested.

Aaron, don’t get cancelled like Studio 60.

Jeff Daniels is very good.  We agree.  Sam Waterston, as expected.  Love him. Olivia Munn, who seemed miscast on The  Daily Show, is excellent.

It’s not like any newsroom I’ve worked in.  Yes,  it looks like a newsroom and Will McAvoy’s IFB hangs over his collar, but most newsrooms,  most jobs, aren’t dramatically stimulating every day. I couldn’t take that much drama.

McAvoy, who claims Republican roots is quite progressive.. . the new hip cover for liberal.  I find myself sharing those sensibilities.  This can’t be a hit in Mississippi.

We have two more to see to catch up.  Watching shows in batches is the 21st Century method.

17 thoughts on “Sorkin’s Newsroom”

  1. It really is a very good show. Sad tonight was the season finale, but it has been signed for a second season. My only complaint is that the season is only 10 episodes long =(

  2. Wish I could see it – love Aaron Sorkin’s work since Sports Night. But I don’t get HBO – can’t afford to pay the extra on the cable bill, and even trying to figure out what else I can get rid of to get the budget in place. Anyone know if it’s available online anywhere?

  3. I love it too – I’ver missed a couple of episodes, but I love what I’ve seen. The Jeff Daniels character is a liberal’s dream Republican – which is why, as a liberal, West Wing fan, I love him!

  4. I have to agree. I can’t afford the extra channels. Nothing on the ones I have. If it wasn’t for the food network and fox news there would not be a reason to have a TV.

  5. Everybody I know loves the show, you are definitely not alone! (I don’t have HBO and have never been a Sorkin fan, so I’ve never seen it myself…)

  6. I agree it is an excellent show. Intelligent, thought-provoking,well written and acted. What else could you ask for? Well, maybe Jane Fonda would fit in very well. Oh, wait… There she is!! She really is super! Hope next season we will see more of her on the show.

  7. Love this show, I, too, have been an Aaron Sorkin fan since Sports Night. His writing is intelligent—something hard to find on television these days. Have to stay focused when watching.

  8. Geoff I know you are not up at 6 AM but the character Will is absolutely former republican Congressman Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe on MSNBC.

  9. LOVE the show and Sorkin’s writing style! I hope HBO picks up a 3rd session as the 2nd season is already a sure thing!

    I read the tweets from a “fake” Will Macavoy and as i read them all I can do it pretend I hear Jeff’s voice while doing it.

    My only issue is that ACN isn’t a real network lol

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