The Procedure

If you’re just tuning in, I’ve spent the last five weeks with pain in my leg. Like most people I thought pain in my leg meant a problem in my leg.

See–that’s why we’re not doctors!

If you’re just tuning in, I’ve spent the last five weeks with pain in my leg. Like most people I thought pain in my leg meant a problem in my leg.

See–that’s why we’re not doctors!

My pain is actually caused by a herniated disk pinching a nerve. The problem is in my spine!

For the last few weeks I’ve stayed home, mainly on the sofa on my side. This Friday will mark three weeks since I’ve worked.

Trust me, I wish I could work. I wish I could walk and sit without pain.

The first treatment for this ailment is no treatment! I stopped doing anything that might irritate it. In many cases the hernia retreats through benign neglect. It didn’t for me.

Today was step two. I went to the Shoreline Surgery Center in Guilford for a lumbar epidural steroid injection. The souvenir x-ray at the top of this entry shows the needle being inserted into my spine.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? It was. For a moment the pain on a scale of one to ten was a sixteen!

What was very impressive was the staff I had contact with. They were confident in a way that implies competence! That was very reassuring–no small thing.

Just in case I was too loopy to say thanks while I was there, thanks. You guys were everything I could have hoped for.

It’s tough for me to go anywhere in Connecticut without being spotted. Today was no exception. A Facebook friend posted:

Just saw you in Guilford didn’t look to happy hope you are feeling better soon!!

She probably saw me on the way in, shuffling from side-to-side and trying to find a comfortable standing spot. I never did. I’m sure it wasn’t pretty to watch.

It will be a day or two before I know if the injection worked. If the hernia retreats (I’m sure this is a terrible way to describe what happens) I will be able to start physical therapy and try to prevent a recurrence. That’s the goal. Unfortunately this treatment only works around half the time.

I am hopeful.

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  1. Hope the treatment works, Geoff. They are a good bunch at the Center in Guilford. Healing thoughts and prayers are continuing…

  2. Keep hoping … fortunately this procedure does work about half the time. Remember the glass is half full?

    Feel better soon. It’s no picnic. 🙁
    I’ve never had the injection. Had to go straight to surgery.
    Good luck Geoff!!

  3. Hope this is the first day of the rest of your life. “Believe” it will work. We are all rooting for you. Some day you will look back on this as a “remember when.”

  4. Just know that everyone out here is wishing you well. You are a kind thoughtful friend to all. Thank you for sharing your experience. This may help others if they find themselves with this painful problem. Always the teacher that can educate others even when it knocks you for a loop. Take Care.

  5. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, hope the injection works.
    If you need surgery only consider a neurosurgeon. Missing you on Fox, but we are with cablevision so no coverage still!

  6. Hi, Jeff
    I’ve been there and done those injections several times and unfortunetly I was one of the, below 50%, that found no relief from them. I gave them the “three strikes your out” test. And, yes, you are right, they are not fun to get. The staff at Shoreline Surgery Center are very good with their patients. Back pain has been an issue for me for over 30 years now. I have tried EVERYTHING from years of therapy, lumbar injections, chiropractor, lumbar braces, major spinal fusion surgery, anti-inflamatory meds, pain meds…you name it, I’ve done it. My hope and prayer for you is that you are among the upper 50% that will find relief from the lumbar injections that you recently received and expert continued care from your physicians. Best Wishes for a SPEEDY recovery.

  7. Mr Fox, it seens like had the same problem you are havinG I had the same pain for about a month. What they did with me was insert a plastic cement in between both disc, it hardens right away.Aradioligest did it, he was a doctor.As soon as I got up from the table my pain was gone, and never came back, that was more than five years ago.I also had the shot s you just had, they worked for a while, thats all. hope you feel better. Miss you at chan8.

  8. Hi Geoff. Thank you for your kind words regarding the Shoreline Surgery Center. I was your nurse during the procedure. I am hoping you will be feeling better, soon. I know it has been a long road, stay positive and before long you will be doing the things you look forward to.

  9. Hope you are one of the positive 50%.. thank God my sciatica was a chair positioning issue with my wheelchair… couple of seat wedges and a nice pretty physical therapist and 5yrs later no recurrence.

    We miss you nightly but Rachel has the jib cam under control..


    John West N1IWT

    Anne West ASM CT Section

  10. I had the epidural steriod injection last May (2011) for severe numbness in both lower legs due to spinal stenosis from herniated L5 disc. Have to say I hardly felt the needle going in and got relief within two days and it’s lased until about a month ago. I wish you well Geoff and hope it works for you! Miss you on Fox News at 4!

  11. Geoff – I truly feel for you. Back pain is the worst!
    While I’m sure I’ll get killed for even mentioning this, I absolutely 100% believe in my chiropractor. He practices the Gonstead chiropractic technique which is very different than other chiropractors I’ve seen in the past. I had horrible pain and could barely walk. Took a little while but I have not had any issues since. Now I go once a month to get everything in alignment and knock wood, it’s been great.
    If you are inclined at all I can send you his information. He’s not far from you.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Carla

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