Laura Loves Dogs

The story starts with Laura. There isn’t a reality show about Laura. There should be!

Stef called last night with a story she wanted in my blog. That’s unusual.

The story starts with Laura. There isn’t a reality show about Laura. There should be!

Originally from Wisconsin, Laura lives in Los Angeles where she trains and takes care of dogs including Stef’s dachshund, Roxie . Daycare, overnight and long term guests happily stroll through her place in the Hollywood Hills.

What Laura does is a business, but it’s driven by her love of dogs. There are rescue and rehab puppies along with the paying clientele.

Last year I decided to step up my efforts by rescuing a pregnant dog with the plan to raise all of her puppies, train her, find them all perfect homes, and film the entire process. I rescued Abbey when she was near the end of her pregnancy and hand-delivered her 6 puppies. The last two, Link and Oliver, were sick and barely alive, but I revived them and nursed them to health over the course of months. At 8 weeks old Oliver suddenly lost his ability to walk, and I began taking him to vets to find a cure. We saw 9 vets and spent thousands of dollars on testing, but no one knew what his condition was or could give us much hope for his survival. Finally, I saw a specialist and he was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Osteo-dystrophy. – From Help Save Oliver James

The cost of Oliver James’ veterinary care is high. Laura estimates over $24,000 over the next year!

In order to defray costs Laura is raising funds online and holding a one night benefit concert/art gallery/silent auction on Saturday October 6th in Los Angeles. Helaine and I have donated some of my original photography for the auction along with a contribution.

Only you can decide whether you’d like to help too. Here’s a link to the full story or you can watch the video below.

Save Oliver James from Wild Life on Vimeo.

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  1. Hey Geoff, you should have your daughter or someone she knows bring it to the attention of ellen degeneres, she always seems to like those kind of stories and helps out. sure she gets alot of them but you never know

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