Why You Should Only Eat At McDonalds

I just cracked a tooth in half by biting on a raspberry!

September 2012 can’t be over soon enough.

11 thoughts on “Why You Should Only Eat At McDonalds”

  1. OMG Geoff, I hate to say it, but you’re a walking disaster! I once cracked a molar eating at Red Lobster, but that was at least a shell. A raspberry? LMAO. You sure are having a tough go in your teen years, hahaha.

  2. OMG! Although not to your extreme, I’ve had the same type of “Murphy’s Law” week – got a wicked cold the day I left on a business trip, on the trip my laptop crashed and came home to a broken hot water heater – what plague is next? Locusts?

  3. I ate a soft sandwich once, did the same. My dentist owns me. Has happened many times, he says has nothing to do with what you eat, just old age, lol.

  4. Lost my crowned tooth on seafood chow a in the maritime last month. Had to have it removed. Sad time for me. Then the psa went up for. The second time 5.8 is not good.

  5. I feel your angst! Same happened to me. Perfectly healthy tooth and a turkey sandwich. Dentist said I had to have hit it just right (or wrong, in my opinion)….

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