Here Comes The Chill

It’s gray outside. There are wet leaves on my deck. Sad. Wasn’t it summer about 20 minutes ago?

A cold front is coming through as I type. It will clear the skies this afternoon. They’ll stay clear tonight.

The growing season ends tonight.

The 12Z MOS runs are in. The models put most of inland Connecticut in the 20&#176s overnight. At the immediate shore the temperature will be within a degree or two of 32&#176. Freeze Warnings are in effect statewide.

I have never seen so much eagerness to get a clear skies forecast out! We don’t get to make a forecast this much of a slam dunk very often. I hope my cohorts and I weren’t too eager to demonstrate our skill.

It’s still October. There will be more mild weather, probably by the middle of next week. Tonight we get a reminder winter is on the way.

4 thoughts on “Here Comes The Chill”

  1. Indeed – our Freeze watch was upgraded to a warning here in Coastal New Hampshire. As you said, we always seem to have one more warm spell during October before Mother nature tells the warmth to take a hike.
    And yes – it was summer just a short time ago.!

  2. I hate to click “Like” on this blog — don’t like the message but I guess it’s going to be eventually… thanks for the heads up!

  3. I think I am with Anne on this one. if there was a dislike button I would annoy ya and press it often. (not about your post however). Just about the colddd weather.

    PS having a fire alarm go off at 4 am and having to go outside when it’s that cold . sucks. Can we order some heat instead tonight?

    Glad you’re back..

  4. I brought the most sensitive plants in last night. There are now plants all over the house. I left the cactus outside because in their native habitat (the desert) it gets down to freezing at night and they do just fine but eventually they’ll have to come in too.
    Took down the a/c. The cats like having an extra windowsill to lounge in.
    Not looking forward to the heating bill though. We have electric heat in my apartment and since they cut out overtime at work my income is reduced so things that were already tight are going to get tighter.
    Oh well….life in New England…..

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