Sometimes We Work Late

FoxCT is a Fox Network affiliate. Fox has sports! We’ve got the NFL, MLB, NASCAR and a little NCAA.

Here’s a TV secret. Sports never ends at the scheduled time. No hyperbole there. Never.

Tonight we followed the baseball NLCS. We presented a full 90 minutes of news. It was Al, Audrey, Bob and me plus folks on the floor and in the booth. The jib cam doesn’t fly on its own!

I got home a little before 2:00 AM.

Back in the New Haven days we followed ABC Monday Night Football. It didn’t start until 9:00 PM. The games didn’t end until 12:30 or later.

At one point, in an attempt to make more money ABC added an extra segment after the game. Waiting through that was awful. We could feel the viewers switching their sets off.

Things are more relaxed when you’re on late. Few viewers are there because they were waiting for you. People basically stumble onto the broadcast if they’re even awake.

Staying late every once in a while is part of the job. I try to have fun even when the rest of the world’s asleep.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes We Work Late”

  1. Soccer actually usually runs pretty close to on time. 90 minutes (the game clock doesn’t stop in soccer, for those who don’t know) + 20 minutes for halftime + 10 minutes (usually a safe buffer) for “stoppage time.” So with all the pre-game shenanigans, you can usually safely bet on a 2.5 hour program. Not bad at all compared to other sports.

  2. I was up—-saw Glen Campbell’s Goodby show at the Warner—so glad I went—great, great show!
    Stayed up to “finally” be able to see Meteor Showers—-Guess what—-it is cloudy here in Naugatuck—only a few of the brighter stars and planet(s) showing, as of 1AM!!! Now the word is—after 4 AM—guess what—I won’t be up.
    Anyhow—it’s been a bummer for you guys, this week. A game every night!
    Geoff—did Al Terzi still work at WTNH when you came on board??
    How Ironic that you two should be together again. I give him credit–let go by 2 major CT networks because “he’s too old” and he’s still going strong. God Bless him and all of you folks, for that matter—-Hope it is clearer down your way!

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