Oh Sandy

I was working on my story, speaking with a video editor, when Rachael called across the newsroom.

“The 12Z’s in.”

She was referring to the European model. In these early stages of Tropical Storm Sandy the European has been the most consistent in bringing the storm to New England. The 12Z run is reasonably similar to early output.

The European is still out of line with nearly everything else we use, but it can’t be discounted.

There’s still no certainty or even likelihood Sandy’s coming here. There’s just no way to dismiss the possibility.

We’ll try and treat the storm with the respect it deserves without unduly alarming people. We’re still a long way from it’s possible arrival time early next week.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Oh Sandy”

  1. if had a nickel for each time someone asked me about “Sandy” this week… and it’s only Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!

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