Here’s The Thing

During the drive home I usually listen to Connecticut Public Radio. Each night at 11:00 they run a different show. These are esoteric single hours played again after their ‘first run’ on the weekend.

Tonight was my first time listening to Alec Baldwin’s, “Here’s The Thing.” I tuned in as Alec was entering Michael Douglas’ Manhattan apartment building.

Baldwin has developed a narration style that’s so mellifluously toned and beautifully enunciated, it sounds pretentious. And that’s what I was anticipating, a pretentious conversation between two self aware actors.

Instead I got this really cool visit with Michael Douglas. It was very enjoyable–a real conversation. There was meat about Douglas, including flaws. All substance and no bull. Even the inclusion of Douglas’ school age daughter turned into a nugget of insight.

Looking at the show’s website I can’t understand why I hadn’t heard it before? Did it premier during my eight weeks on the couch?

The nice thing about a regularly scheduled car ride is knowing I’ll hear it again.

6 thoughts on “Here’s The Thing”

  1. I love that radio show, but never heard it on radio. I subscribe to it on itunes where you can find many back episodes. It is a podcast.

  2. Long time listener, first time caller:

    Alec Baldwin is brilliant on Here’s the Thing. Echoing earlier comments, his interviews with Billy Joel and David Letterman were wonderfully done.

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