Wednesday’s Storm On My Mind

Hurricane Sandy did what I predicted, but I still have trouble coming to grips with what Sandy brought!

I saw more photos today from Staten Island. Unreal!

How do you put your life back together after something like that?

And now there’s another storm headed our way. I’ll be following it closely on FoxCT and also writing about it in more detail here on my blog. This won’t be as strong as Sandy.

At this point does it have to be?

I’m trying to make the ECMWF (European) the model of choice, but it’s difficult. There aren’t as many parameters available to me as there are for the US models. The ECMWF isn’t BUFKIT friendly either. What I’m forced to do is use a blend of ECMWF and GFS.

This incoming storm is not likely to affect the election–certainly not here.

We’ll start getting breezy in Connecticut Wednesday afternoon with rain arriving by evening. There are hints this storm might produce some snow in the Northwest Hills and some towns right at the Massachusetts border, but it’s likely any snow will be mixed with rain. No accumulation, or minimal accumulation.

The rain is likely to continue into Thursday, tapering to showers in the afternoon.

More than just rainy, this is a storm! We’ll see 20-30 mph winds with higher gusts. The Jersey Shore and parts of Long Island will probably see 25-40 mph sustained plus higher gusts.

This weather will stop the cleanup and might even push some back! There are still around 40,000 UI and CL&P customers without power in Connecticut, a fraction of where we started. In New York and New Jersey the numbers are much worse and the progression much slower. Much.

Unlike Hurricane Sandy there’s nothing really unusual about this storm. Weather patterns have begun their shift toward winter. This is a type of storm New England and the Northeast get often.

It just seems unfair it’s coming now!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Storm On My Mind”

  1. It does seem unfair Geoff with SO much clean up still to be done. I live on the shore, but we did better than most, and had power back within 5 days. I cannot imagine the devastation others have had to deal with. Wouldn’t it be nice to just “wish” the storm away??

  2. Thanks for letting us know, Geoff — and thanks for the right call on Sandy… you know, you’re pretty good at what you do! … and you have a cute dog, too… Have a great day and regards to your family, both near and far.

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