It’s Tough To Be A Fan

“Put something else on.” It was Helaine speaking. It was Sunday. The Eagles had already passed bad and were starting to be embarrassing to watch.

She didn’t want them put out of their misery as much as she wanted them put out of her misery! It’s tough to be a sports fan.

The Eagles offensive line is so bad this year that anyone showing up at “The Linc” who’s taller than 6′ 3″ and heavier than 325 lbs. has a decent chance of being asked to suit up.

It was the same with the Phillies. By the All-Star break they were so far back the owners began to dismantle the team. Starters like Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence were given a plane ticket and a slap on the tush.

The funny thing is in this modern era the only team loyalty is from fans to teams. It’s certainly not from teams to players or teams to fans.

It’s sad. We’ll continue to watch the Eagles play, but I’m not sure why. The Eagles should be playing for a playoff berth. Instead I’m thinking they’re playing to avoid injury.

4 thoughts on “It’s Tough To Be A Fan”

  1. …..I’ve been a Buffalo Bills fan since the late 80s. FOUR lost Superbowls in a row….sometimes I just tune in and hope for a completed pass….

  2. According to Seinfeld…it’s loyalty to a shirt or uniform…..the players come and go ….the uniform stays the same (relatively)…

  3. We are fans of the Mets and the Jets, talk about being painful. We watch every game, wearing our team gear. Diehard fans stay with their team thru the good times and the bad.

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