To My Friends

To my friends:

As you know, I was fired by the Tribune Company/FoxCT for “inappropriate conduct.” Some of you may have seen transcripts of what were private chats on Facebook between consenting adults on my private time.

I had no idea this private conversation would be made public, but what I did was still wrong even if it had remained private.

This is a very difficult time for my family. I betrayed a trust with my wife and daughter which won’t be mended quickly. I have made promises to them I intend to keep.

Losing my job at FoxCT/Courant is also very difficult. You probably noticed I wrote about my work there with a smile on my face. I was proud to work there and proud of what we offered the public. It was the best job I ever held. I worked my butt off in gratitude.

I cannot say enough good about my colleagues and how proud I am of what we accomplished together.

I know my former bosses in Hartford and Chicago will see this. I am on my knees begging you reconsider your decision and please take me back. I am asking for another chance.

Thanks to all who’ve reached out to me via email and Twitter. Your words of encouragement and support at this very difficult time are appreciated. I hope I will be able to regain your trust.

I am grateful to you for the honor of your friendship.

Geoff Fox

172 thoughts on “To My Friends”

  1. Geoff, I pray for you and your family. If it was up to me I would hire you back in a minute. We all make mistakes. Isn’t it strange that a human mistake like yours cannot be forgive by your former bosses, yet we can re elect the most corrupt administration in the history of the country with, by the way, the endorsement of your bosses.

    God Bless you Geoff

    Dave and Mary Jo

    1. Dave,

      If you want to encourage Jeff, which I applaud you for doing, that is one thing. But seriously, the election has ended and the people have spoken.. get over it. First the 47% comments, then Romney cried about “promised” gifts for re election and not the administration is corrupt? C’MON MAN!

      1. Steve, I appreciate you taking the time to setting the record straight….How quickly people forget the facts when it comes to politics!

      2. Steve:
        Governor Romney only stated the TRUTH, something which President Obama still finds quite elusive. (Benghazi anyone?) Our democracy is gone and turned into a country of entitlements.
        President Obama had such an unpresidented opportunity to show minorities in particular that hard work and self-pride is such a better way of life than begging for a check and living a substandard life. But instead he polorized this nation…and ruined it, thanks to stupid people like you who voted for him. Good job.
        btw…Jeff, I hope you do get your job back. Have been watching you for 25 years.

        1. Amen to that Theresa, could not have said it better,our country is becoming a bunch of government depending @&$#%! it’s truly sad wht this country is becoming.

        2. Theresa: I would be careful not to call people stupid on a public message boards. For someone who has watched “Jeff” for over 25 years I would expect you to know his name is spelled Geoff not JEFF. Get my point??

      3. I thought he was referring to W. Either way, I agree that the swipe at Obama was pretty far off topic.

      4. Hey Hey, People. This is not the place to complain or talk about politics. This is a very person matter between Geoff and his family. Let’s not forget that.

        Geoff, I admire you for coming forward with your statement. It is really no ones business except you and your family. Your bosses are foolish to terminate you for what was done or said. I don’t know and don’t want to know. I hope you land on your feet and start to rebuild your relationship with your family. Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving

    2. Dave, Are you serious? What does the election have to do with Geoff Fox and his lapse of judgment? I’m sorry he lost his job, because I too like Geoff. However, anything written is not private (especially on Facebook). Remember the old adage: “What you do in the dark will come to light!” Mr. Fox, Your time would be better spent begging your WIFE for her forgiveness instead of your former employer. You can (hopefully) get another job, but the years that your wife has invested in you are worth more than their weight in gold! Your “celebrity” status unfortunately makes this a public issue. I pray that in time she and your daughter can forgive you. Good luck! P.S. Dave, President Obama won. Build a bridge and GET OVER IT!

    3. I am not an obama fan by any means. I loath the man and cant stomach the site of him and cant believe we have to endure another 4 years of that failure. The people spoke but not for me and they will see. Lay offs already starting. gas prices up to 5.25 in some places. Way to go Obama. But this is about Geoff. Not the president.

  2. Geoff, what EVER happened, this is your PERSONAL life….and it is not for any of us to judge or quite frankly to be privy to. What you did was wrong, but in turn, whomever felt the need to destroy you , your family, your fans, your friends by making your private life public, without your consent is far more amoral.
    God bless…..and I will pray for you and your family. Thank you for being so honest.

    1. Oh and just a side note…..I hope your bosses see the outpouring of love that CT has for you, and take you back. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone………

      1. I agree, Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone! Now, Im mad, where is Mike Bogoslowski now! We need him in YOUR corner!!!

        1. @ Christine: At last check, Bogey was at KCBS-TV (CBS) channel 2 in Los Angeles.

          @ Geoff: I hope to see you back on the air soon! 🙂

    2. Very well put Doris, I agree whole heartedly! hoping to see Geoff back on tv soon and praying his family works through this.

  3. The most corrupt administration in the history of the country? That would be Nixon, wouldn’t it? No, wait, maybe Dubya. Nah, a tie.

    Pretty ridiculous comment, Dave and Mary Jo. This isn’t about politics.

    1. Oh, that’s right. Nixon was involved in a hotel break-in to try and cheat to win an election….hmmmmm…..Obama getting every dead American’s vote sounds similar to me.
      And to me the unnecessary death of 4 Americans is much worse than a 2-bit break in. But that’s just me. Obviously the lazy who want to sit back and collect their check for whatever lame reason are in the majority now. (and no, I’m not talking about social security, so don’t even go there) Welcome to Greece!!! You wanted it. You got it.

  4. Geoff, I read almost all your postings and I must have missed this !! But, I will beg along with you to the people of Fox , Hartford and Chicago for a second chance for our Geoff !!! Our very own Presidents have done much, much worse and have been forgiven, Geoff i truly feel is the best at what he does he is calming in a storm, informative when need be, Fun at the right times, and a great Television presence< I followed Geoff from channel 8 he is the reason I watched Fox so I BEG and BEG again for forgiveness where needed and a second chance for OUR GEOFF. I know this is difficult for him and I am sure the family but he is GREATLY MISSED on the AIR. I am sure he is humbled so for the sake of the viewers who follow Geoff Please give us this opportunity to have him in air PLEASE and PLEASE again

  5. Geoff,
    Praying for you and your family. I was shocked when i saw it on twitter that you been fired. Immediate thought was a sick joke. And in a way it is. Firing you over a private conversation with a consenting adult (albeit wrong) but its your busines and not ours or tribunes.
    Ps i have a sneaking suspision that was just a catalyst for them to remove you because of theback problem you had.

    God bless and i hope to seeu back on ct tv again

  6. Geoff, It is obvious from your writings that your wife and family are the two most important people in your life. They both know and realize that in their hearts. We are all human animals and as such we all make mistakes. To your supervisors at Fox I would ask that you do the right thing. Stand behind Geoff. Don’t pull the rug out. What you were getting when you hired him was a consumate professional who knows his field of expertise well. That has not changed. We all make mistakes. I believe the court of popular opinion is on Geoff’s side. Forgive… and move forward. Step up and stand behind Geoff Fox.

  7. Geoff,
    We all make mistakes.That’s life but, you are very brave to admit to yours.
    Sometime things happen and then you wonder what was I thinking. Only God
    knows the answer to why. I will be thinking of you and your family and praying for you.

    All the best to you.

  8. Geoff, we all make mistakes. Yours just happened to be made public.
    No one should throw stones as none of us are perfect.
    Geoff, I pray your bosses show you mercy and forgiveness
    during, what must be, a soul wrenching time for you.
    I have loved watching you as a little girl and switched to Fox
    out of devotion. I hope that the higher ups will use this as an opportunity to do
    what present day TV doesn’t. Forgive, and give you the opportunity
    to not only prove yourself worthy of a second chance, but reward a
    human man with a chance to redeem yourself. You didn’t
    have to admit to the gorey details as Fox wouldn’t have
    betrayed you, but you did what most people wouldn’t! You fessed up,
    accepted responsibility, humbled yourself and told your
    followers the truth. I pray Helaine and Stephanie can
    forgive you and move forward knowing your word will be honored
    as I still see you as a man of character and truth. All the best to you, Geoff.
    I pray with my whole heart God will take what someone meant
    for your harm and use it for you and your family’s growth and good.

    All the best,

  9. I can’t say I blame FOXCT for what they did. But you are in my thoughts and prayers. It is my hope they reconsider. Your work there was exceptional. Hopefully they realize that you regret what went on.

  10. Sorry to learn of this sad turn. We all have our moments, triumphant and otherwise. I am sure you will bounce back and I wish you all good fortune as your next chapter unfolds. I would be in the front line if there is ever anything I can do or contribute to that would advance your efforts or facilitate your return to the job you loved so much and did so consistently well. All the best and hang in there. RW

  11. Friends don’t turn their backs on their friends. Mistakes are made. Appologies are offered and accepted. Life goes on. What makes me angry is you were on your own time and not the company dime. Fox has made a poor choice to deprive its viewing audience of a gifted meteorologist. I hope they will reconsider their decision and get you back on air as soon as possible. Hang in there, my friend!!! My best to the family!

  12. I highly respect that you were man enough to admit your mistakes. It was as you admit in your personal time, and shouldn’t effect your job at all. What anyone does on their own personal time should never effect anyone’s job, unless of course it’s illegal. It was wrong as you admit to betray your family, but it was more wrong for you to lose your job over it. I wish you all the best, I hope you get your job back, and most of all I hope that with time everything works out for the best with your family.

  13. …and i hope that Geoff’s superiors will read that we all support him! We ALL make mistakes and we ALL do things that we are not proud of from time to time. We are human. We learn from these doings. Anyone whom claims that they have not isn’t being true to thyself. PLEASE RECONSIDER THIS PUNISHMENT AND EASE UP! Best wishes Geoff. You are a wonderful person and we LOVE the way you do your job.

  14. I am more disgusted with the person who made this public than anyone else. Your private life is your private life and it is quite obvious that someone wanted to hurt you and your family badly. I am glad you told the truth and hope you and your family heal. However, I truly believe fox was wrong in firing you and in doing so they made themselves look bad. If they don’t hire you back they will have lost many viewers who only came to watch you for your weather, science and technology. Someone who we enjoyed watching on TV. I fully support your being hired back, you did your job well, the rest is your private business to deal with.

    1. Right, and who is to say this hasn’t happened before and he wasn’t caught? Geoff made his bed and now he lies in it. He should be more concerned about saving his marriage then what any of the fans think at this point.

      1. come on, seriously? this was presumed to be a private conversation between two adults. No harassment, no laws broken. this is a personal issue. No reason for firing. also no reason for people to be judgemental… we are all human beings…many flirt, make jokes, etc…he is admitting what he did because it was made public, should not have been. he must work to regain his family’s trust, and I’m.sure he will. he cares what the public thinks because cases, simple as that. unless you’re perfect, which I highly doubt, you have no right to judge.

        1. There very well could have been a code of conduct clause in the contract he signed with Fox61. Alot of companies are adding that now to employee contracts. I signed one myself.

          Geoff, I’m not commenting on your firing. My thoughts and prayers are with your wife and daughter. They are the real innocent people in all this. I hope one day they will be able to get over what must be feelings of hurt and betrayal of trust. It’s probably going to be a long, painful road for you, but I hope you get your family back better than it was before. Good luck.

  15. Fox News endorsed Obama ?….very very very doubtful…they are totally Conservative & endorsed Romney…but since this isn’t about politics (or is it) I think Geoff Fox should go to a more liberal station…a station not run by conservative fools.

    1. Geoff wasn’t employed by Fox News. He was working for FoxCT which is owned by the Tribune Company also owners of The Courant. FoxCT has nothing to do with Fox News or their politics. Just for your information.

  16. Geoff, I am very sorry to have read this. It’s amazing how society forgets that famous people are human too. I am not really sure what happened but I am SURE, if we dug deep, those you work for have skeletons in their closets and what does this have to do with your career. This is PERSONAL. It has NOTHING to do with your capability to do your job. There are many who have done something worse. I am so very sorry this has effected your career. I hope your small minded management realizes “their” mistake and hires you back. Then again, screw them, and go on your own. You have many fans who will follow. As for your family, I can feel for them, as I have been there. May God bless you all through this difficult time. Have faith, things happen for a reason.

  17. Cynthia said:
    >>Fox News endorsed Obama ?

    Fox 61 is a Fox affiliate owned by the Tribune Company which also owns the Hartford Courant.
    The Tribune, and certainly the Courant and in fact liberal operations.

    That has little or nothing to do with this anyway, nor do I have any idea why it came up in the first place.

  18. Unless what happened is illegal, I don’t see what it has to do with being the best weatherman in the state. Unless Geoff is on the air, I won’t be watching Fox any longer.

  19. Will the despicable person who wanted to ruin you and your family, be held accountable? I hope so! While I think you used bad judgement, who among us has never made a mistake that we later regreted. You deserve a second chance, because you are good at what you do, and I am not alone in wanting to see you back on Fox! I have no prayers, just truly feeling for you and your family.

  20. Geoff,

    Praying for God’s grace and total reconciliation in your family, and with your employer.

    I have always appreciated your professionalism and good attitude on air, and, going back “a few” years, on the phone during my days at WSI. Keep the work with the family as your priority; I know that doesn’t “pay the bills,” but that is the number one place it is at. But, looking forward as well, to again seeing you on air, delivering your accurate forecasts, and your great personality.


  21. Best outcome would be if you could get your job back at fox. What Bill O’Reilly did was far worse. If you can not return to fox, I hope you can stay local. Best Wishes to you and your family.

  22. I want you to get your job back. I hope that the Tribune / Courant folks in Hartford and Chicago will recognize that the viewers will stick with you- and perhaps consider a lesser sanction. People will still watch.

    My thoughts are with you as a person and with your family. That’s what matters to me- and all of us who have been with you.

    Without a doubt, I know that your return would be best for Fox CT.

  23. I was totally shocked at your dismissal from FoxCT. After coming across some postings of alleged comunacations/conversations between yourself and an another person in an explicit tune of writing from both I had to wonder if this is not some sort of cyper set-up in the works by others trying to embarrass you and your family. If any one of these thing is true…you need to concentrate on the needs at home FIRST and FOREMOST. God may have purposely shut that door down to allow open another with a more bright and hunble pathway to follow. Just remember Geoff you have thousands of fans that are wishing you and your family the very best. And if you have done wrong in something in your life go ask your Marker to forgive you and to heal your family also. This is but a “blimp” in your walk..your fans will be waiting here for the full out sprite to your next on-air job. Don’t give up now…you have a lot more to contribute on-air. God Bless You and your family..

  24. Geoff-
    Ill be praying for you because it seems that is what’s most needed in this
    situation. I’m sure, that even more than your job, your upset because of what
    this has done to your family. I didn’t see what was said, nor do I care. It’s none
    Of my business. Facebook has caused so many problems for people. I’m sorry
    that it also did to you. This was incredibly sad news. I loved seeing you on the air.

  25. Just a few thoughts. We’re all human and what we do behind closed doors is our own business, public spotlight or not. Politicians have been doing these things for years and never lost their jobs unless they chose to resign. What FOX61 did in firing Geoff is hypocritical, if you remember their manager Graziano made the news a few years ago after he was allegedly involved with a female staffer who was allegedly picked up twice in the same night for drunk driving after he bailed her out the first time. I don’t remember all the details but i encourage everyone to look the story up. With that said, they leave someone like that in charge but get rid of Geoff? I also have a problem with people who think having a little “online fun” (if you know what i mean) is against the law or your company’s business. If that was the case, every male and female under the age of 35 would be unemployed and held in shame, because they’ve all done it before. And having followed Geoff’s blog for the least couple years, he was in and out of surgeries, dealing with a back injury, and probably in a lot of pain. If his actions or lapse in judgment (if you view it that way) were related to his condition or treatment (medications) in any way whatsoever, then the company had no legal right to do what they did and could be in line for a massive lawsuit. Finally, i feel bad for Geoff’s wife, daughter, and other family members impacted by this. I know they’re probably shocked, devastated, and hurting. I hope they all find peace and know that they’re in our thoughts and prayers. Geoff, I don’t know you personally but i get the feeling you’re a resilient guy that’ll be back on his feet in some capacity before long. Just give the situation time to try and heal. Best of luck to you and your family in all sincerity.

  26. I was convinced you were set up, but maybe I was too naive. I have no idea why someone decided to make this public instead of addressing it with you personally. But I guess that’s not my business. I wish all the best for you, Helaine, and Stephanie.

    I hope that others might learn from this. Nothing we send over the internet can ever be considered truly private. Even the best of us face temptations, and we all must try our very best to resist them.

    I hope potential employers will take your accurate forecasting, sense of humor, and loyal following into account when considering you. I’ll still be following you wherever your career may go. I’m not going to sleep yet.

  27. Geoff, I was so shocked when I heard you were fired. I have to admit, I don’t understand. You have always conducted yourself in a professional manner. I guess what I am shocked at the most, you were having a PRIVATE conversation with whom you considered a friend. I have never understood how someone could be so mean as to sabatog ones career. Is it jealously, if so, they need to come forward, they need to say THEY were wrong and you deserve your job back!I am truely hoping that the Fox managment team will realize by now the kind of person you are. Besides, it was a private conversation & the person who caused this should be ashamed of themselves!! So, PLEASE, Fox managers, if you are reading this post and comments, you will know how much we all respect Geoff for who he is and what he stands for. Everyone is allowed to make a least one mistake in their lives. Geoff, I am afraid that after this, you will find it very hard to trust again. I don’t blame you but, I think I can speak for most of us when I say,I would never, ever do or say anything that would hurt or upset you. I pray they will give you the chance to explain yourself. You at least deserve that much from them. I am also hoping that your colleagues will rally together and ask that you be given another chance or at least the chance to explain yourself. Good Luck Geoff, I will pray that all works out for you and we get to see you once again on FoxCt.

  28. You and Fox61 both did something very stupid. You need to apologize to Helaine (diamonds might help) and Fox61 needs to reconsider and hire you back. I won’t be watching until you return. Best wishes and know that “this too shall pass”

  29. Hope that you can be up and running again soon. We switched to FoxCT specifically because they hired you, and we value the presentation of Weather by you which not only informs, but educates.

    People’s private lives need to be their private business, not used to hammer them publicly with. Am hoping to see you back soon. You’re too big an asset to FoxCt for them to write you off for some indiscretion.

  30. Well, here we are. How ironic, you write how wonderful your experience at Fox has been and what do you know, there goes the rug, pulled right from under you. I don’t care much for you Mr.Fox and I will tell you why. You have always come across as cocky, arrogant and always seeming to feel you are better than everyone else. You feel that everyone needs to know your every move & thoughts. Geoff, you are a weatherman, not some Hollywood Star. Somehow you have got it into your head that you are special but you found out different. When you lost your job at 8, you made it a point to air your thoughts on the station and certain people there(no names were mentioned). You also urged many people to follow you, in hopes of getting the job at FOX, never once giving a second thought, just who would be let go, to get you this job. Once you got it, there you were, back to your old arrogant self. It just seems the only time we see a caring, humble Geoff, is when you get in trouble and that is very sad. You have taken for granted your follower’s, your wife & daughter as well as your folks. How proud they must be of you now. I sat here and read all your fans comments,” it was all a hoax, not Geoff, he would never do that, he’s too good a man”..well surprise,its all that womans fault”well, they found out you are not who they thought you to be, or dare I say, pretended to be? What you did was wrong, as you admitted but for a man who is so quick to let us all know just how smart he is, you were very stupid. I thought you would honestly just shut down this blog of your’s and walk away with some dignity, but again, here you are, admitting you were wrong and begging once again for a job. Just how many times do you think you should be given chances? For the life of me, all I feel for you is pity. You are a very sad human being, always the need to be the center of attention. I don’t know what your wife and family will do with these promises you have made, but I will agree with you on one thing, its not going to be easy. Trust is a very important thing in life, not only with your loved ones, but by all those who admired you and relied on you. You didn’t give any of them a second thought when you did what you did. To think it would never go beyond the two of you, was just plain ridiculous. If you were smart, the only begging I would do, is that your wife and your daughter forgive you in time and I would leave CT. Act like a man and look for a new start. I’m sure I have made many enemies here tonight but I am not one of the groupies that feel you can do no wrong, you proved that. I tell it straight up and I do it with myself as well, if I screw up, which we all do at one time or another, I will be my own worst critic. I’m sorry that you blew this deal with FOX,however there is no need for them to take a second chance on you, no matter how much you beg.You are just making yourself more pathetic.
    I hope in time, your wife and daughter will accept you as the man and father they once loved and trusted. I do wish you well with that part of your life.

    1. While I can understand your dislike of what he did in his personal life, I do not believe he should have been fired. If someone has an affair, gets divorced or whatever, what in the world does that have to do with their job? I question why someone would make this public for no other reason than to hurt not just him but his whole family. Had they privately confronted the matter that would have been one thing but to post it?. This was malicious behavior. He has done a great job at Fox and I for one would like to see him continue that job because I do trust his weather forecasting! I think Fox could have handled this better and should hire him back to do the job that he was hired to do and that he did well. The only reason I watched Fox 61 was because of Geoff, his weather forecasting, science and technology. His personal life should be personal and the family needs to be left alone to heal.

    2. Sara, WOW !! Anyone who takes the time and effort to post all of what you did has some real issues that can’t be addressed in a blog…Perhaps you’re the person that caused this whole mess ??

      1. Oh John, now why is it that you would take on my comment, yet have nothing to say about some of the men’s? It just shows me how very weak you are. Well honey, bring it on. Lets blame me now for Geoffs’s behavior? I think not. See, there are many of us who understand what a person projects himself to be, much like yourself. “Lets pick on a woman, she is an easy target”.Do you know Geoff, I mean do you go to his house, go out to lunch? Somehow I think not and its obvious you , like the rest, have fallen for his performances.Well if you think what he has done is fine, then you are just as bad as he is. To the others who feel it necessary to blame others for what he has done, for God sakes, wake up and smell the coffee.I knew the reaction I would get from most of you, yet I didn’t care. I spoke the truth and Geoff knows what I said is just that. The first thing out of his mouth was “consenting adults” almost trying to make it appear to be okay for what he was doing. Give me a break. I came on this site just to see how many followers he would have this time, promising to stand by him. I have to say, I don’t see as many as the last time. I guess its getting old. So people, hang around and profess your faith in this man,that is your business.Geoff knows who is to blame for what was done and it wasn’t me. I just had the guts to let him know what so many (other than you groupies) have felt about him for so long. I have issues? Again, I laugh at all of you who still see this man as a find upstanding gentleman. You really don’t think much of yourselves. I’m done with this site, I said what needed to be said. Will Geoff learn?, I doubt it………………

        1. Sara omg why are you so angry? He did nothing wrong. He is a grown man. She was a grown woman who actually condoned the talks. You seem to be very bitter and seems like you have a personal ax to grind with Geoff. What I want to know is why someone who dislikes Geoff so much would take the time to follow his blog, and waste time writting a 7 paragraph insult to him. First of all he did nothing to loose a job over. He did not have an affair. If he did its still none of your business or mine. He didnt knock up a teenager. He was talking to someone online. SO get over it. You are not God to judge him. You have an attitude to be lilly white and your not Im sure. Everyone has done something in their life they are ashamed of and Im sure for Geoff this is it. Stop being so uptight. Its not the crime of the century. Stop being a holy roller, opinionated moral doo gooder and mind your business. He did nothing that is your business to feel such hatred. get a grip and stop being so hateful and angry.
          Or maybe you should try watching some porn. Lighten up a bit

      1. I was thinking the same thing…..I hope and pray you never do anything that YOU do not want to be judged by…….If you don’t like the guy, change the channel!!!! You seem awfully personally invested in Geoff’s personal and public career, for someone that does not like him at all………

    3. Wow, you must have been hurt by someone to have this much anger directed toward someone you do not know personally. I have to say that I find Geoff to be very humble, amusing, and often self deprecating on television. I will be the first to admit that I do not know him personally but from this blog, I find him to be warm and entertaining. Isn’t that what it’s for? More importantly, I trust his weather reports and that is why I watch him on TV. I do not need to know about his personal life and if this had never come out, I would have gone on happily. I am certain he is not the first nor will he be the last television personality or politician who will be caught doing something of this sort. More than anything, I am saddened that this has happened to him, his family, and to his fans.

    4. Sara omg why are you so angry? He did nothing wrong. He is a grown man. She was a grown woman who actually condoned the talks. You seem to be very bitter and seems like you have a personal ax to grind with Geoff. What I want to know is why someone who dislikes Geoff so much would take the time to follow his blog, and waste time writting a 7 paragraph insult to him. First of all he did nothing to loose a job over. He did not have an affair. If he did its still none of your business or mine. He didnt knock up a teenager. He was talking to someone online. SO get over it. You are not God to judge him. You have an attitude to be lilly white and your not Im sure. Everyone has done something in their life they are ashamed of and Im sure for Geoff this is it. Stop being so uptight. Its not the crime of the century

  31. Personal? Yes, very. Stupid? yes. Anybody, especially somebody like you, Geoff, should have known better, to think that something like those exchanges ran the risk of going public. That being said, it’s awful that this has happened to you and for a while I was wondering if it even WAS you. I don’t wish that on anyone who has worked so hard on their career. But what the hell were you thinking? I hope wherever you land next, you’re treated well and I also hope your wife forgives you. You’ll be damn lucky if she does.

    1. I have to agree with you, Emily. This situation was private and therefore wouldn’t have cost most of us our job – though easily could have cost us family problems. But, Geoff, you’re smart enough to know that, whether it be right or wrong, when you’re in the public eye if something like this comes out, it’s going to cost you more than it would most people. Fox knows that if they hire you back, the first thing everybody’s going to think of when they see you are the texts. That’s embarrassing for them – and honestly, I would think, for you. Do you really want to be back in front of the camera now? We all make mistakes, and we all should be forgiven our mistakes. But we also need to be savvy about the potential consequences of what we do. I pray for healing for your family and for you. We all deserve forgiveness for past actions. But I suspect it’s probably time to get a fresh start in a new market.

  32. Ah, we’ve all done stuff we shouldn’t have. What disappoints me is that I’ll bet you’ve warned your daughter that anything posted to the net might as well be posted in your front window – and apparently you ignored your own advice. *Headslap* Anyhow, it’s got nothing to do with your forecasting – hope Fox brings you back.

  33. I’m not going to lie, Geoff – I saw those screenshots & I was disgusted and disappointed by what I saw there.
    But this – manning up, owning what you’ve done, apologizing for it, not making excuses or blameshifting – does a *ton* to redeem you in my eyes. I do hope you are able to redeem yourself to your family, who are a heck of a lot more important. 🙂 From what I’ve read here over the years, they are your world & I have no doubt that you’ll move mountains to try to make it up to them, and I wish you all the best.

    1. We all make mistakes one way or another, lucky for you if you think you are perfect Mike,in this day and age we need to be very careful of what we post its out there for everyone to see, it’s up to Fox News if they take Geoff back everyone deserves a second chance, also instead of being judgmental we need to pray for his family.

    2. you are pathetic. He did nothing. NOTHING and you probably do it too. Why shouldnt they take him back? he talked dirty he didnt rape anyone or molest a child. So get a life you wanker. I love how people like you think you are better than anyone. Screw you

  34. Of course they should take you back. Geeze your a weather guy. Who cares. If presidents can have affairs and keep their job I would think you should be able to as well. Besides you are the only one I can even tolerate on that station anyway. If they don’t give you your job back, I won’t be watching!

  35. Was anyone killed?
    Was anyone physically hurt?
    Was your forecast wrong?

    You were playing a game with someone who you obviously shouldn’t have been playing a game with. Broadcasting anchor “talents” are notorious for “playing games”. You don’t have too look far to find some others who have been mentioned in more serious “games”. They are all still working.

    Your professional reputation is intact. You are a superstar in your field. Too bad your confidentiality was betrayed. You have tens of thousands of supporters out here who are missing you already.

    Good luck, my friend. (We’ve got your back.)

  36. Everyone is being so evasive–what did he do??? Send porn pics to someone? Send nude photos of himself? Fill us in.

  37. Mr. Fox, my heart goes out to you and your family! What you did in your own time, should not be the business of fox 61….

    It sounds to me as though you were set up, by this so called other adult!!

    Hope you can rebuild what you, your wife and daughter had ….and move forward from this!!!

    Good Luck in your future

  38. Geoff: I felt positive that what we all saw was a vicious lie. Now that we know it is true, I wish I could un-see it and un-know about it. Unfortunately, none of us can do that. Your struggle to put things right with Steph and Helaine have only just begun. The very least we can do is stand by you and your family, pray for you and support you all as best we can. Being human means we mess up from time to time, but we also have the capacity for doing great good and believing the best of other folks. Even the Bible tells us that Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Well, if it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me. It takes a huge amount of personal strength and integrity to stand up and own a mistake. I hope FoxCT hires you back as soon as possible. Bedtime is just not the same without hearing the words “don’t go to sleep yet!” and “the world-famous jib cam.” Stay strong, my friend! We’ve got your back!

  39. Sara,

    You seem to have an awful lot of hate toward a TV Personality you barely know. You came onto his blog just to castigate and shame him even further? And he’s the arrogant one? You came to moralize and lecture from some pulpit of self-righteousness, yet you say you thought he saw himself as better than everyone? Your schadenfreude is deplorable.

    He made a mistake. He engaged in cyber sex with a woman through Facebook, assuming that it would not go public. If he had an actual affair, I wonder if he would have been fired? Would he have had to have been filmed? This seems like an overreach on Fox’s part, as evidenced by the number of people who still continue to support Geoff.

    I’m not going to excuse what he did, and I think he should take some time to med fences with his family and perhaps get some counseling so that he can focus on better decision-making in the future. But please, spare us all of the condemnation.

  40. I am sorry you did what you did, I am sorry Fox fired you. But I am so very proud of you for this message you sent to all of us. You can see that the vast majority of us still love and admire you and want you back. We see the Geoff beneath it all, not the Geoff who did something stupid (We all have done things we aren’t proud of.) If there is a villan in all this it is the person who went out of his or her way to try to embarrass and ruin you.

    I pray that your wife and daughter will dwell on the spectacular man you have been. You have a big job ahead of you to prove it to them.

  41. So sorry to read and hear what’s going on. I was shocked to read you have been fired. You never lost my trust and we all make mistakes. We weren’t made to be perfect. You have my support and you’re still awesome, Geoff. My thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time.

  42. What does anything he has done have to do with his job? It was his private life on his time. If all the people out there would lose their jobs over having an affair or inappropriate behavior there would be a lot more people getting fired. The mans home life is ruined by his own fault but to lose his job is ridiculous!

    1. I agree with you. I don’t understand that part at all. And from the screenshots it seems it was late at night while he would be home so it isn’t like he was on work time. I don’t get it.

  43. So he had cyber sex on Facebook???? That’s it? God, we live in an uptight society.
    I watch porn at work and at home–soooo f—g what. My god people would you all just get a grip!!!!

  44. Geoff,

    I have seen the screenshots and I can honestly say I was in shock. I thought no way can it be. I kept thinking someone set you up someone hacked your account. Then you posted this and it is true after all. I look at it as it is your business and nobody elses. I have been a fan of yours for years. I have met you when I was a kid and I have actually sent you PM on FB and you have been kind and thanked me for my kind words. This does NOT change my opinion about you. It takes a real man to admit to this. I give you so much respect for coming on here admitting to this to your fans to your family and colleagues, which you didn’t have to do because this is a personal matter that should just be dealt with you and your family. I give you so much credit for this I really do. I am sure you will have people that disagree but it seems from what I am reading you have more people by your side giving you support. I wish you the best and hope that you and your family can get through this together. Nobody is perfect in this world not one person. We all make mistakes from time to time. I hope this will be dropped and people will let it go, respect you and your family and give you privacy during this matter now. Best of luck to you Geoff!! You are truly loved and admired from most of us. Big hugs to you and your family!

  45. I am disgusted that some of you are beating Geoff down when he is going through this difficult and very Personal time. It is a shame that some people feel the need to make personal issues so public. It is none of your business! What right do you have to judge him? Are you perfect? This issue to the best if my knowledge does not impact his ability to do his job. And the fact that some people can’t keep their political opinions to themselves on a conpletely unrelated blog is just ridiculous. Geoff, I sincerely hope that you and your family are given peace and privacy so you can heal what’s been damaged.

  46. If one of our former Presidents can participate in an illicit act in the Oval Office of the White House and not be fired (impeached I guess) then you should be able to continue your job. Your viewers need you. While I can understand the reasons why the Tribune Company felt the need to fire you, I respectfully BEG AND BEG AND BEG, please hire Geoff back.

    I appreciate the fact that you were man enough to confess and ask for forgiveness. No need. You didn’t betray your viewers. What you did was wrong, but you behaved badly behind your own front door. The only people you need to be concerned about right now are Helaine and Stephanie. Boy, I wouldn’t want to be you right now living in your house. Hell hath no fury………….seems appropriate right about now. I can tell you from personal experience, no matter how contrite you are and how many promises you make, it’s going to be a long hard road back. Once you break trust and betray, it’s very difficult to earn it back.

    To the Tribune Company/FoxCT, give him his job back. What he did was an embarrassment, but for him, not for you. Geoff is excellent at what he does and his viewers love him. And, not for nothing, when he goes, we go. You’re about to lose a whole bunch of viewers.

  47. The true reason that anybody other than you and your loved ones is offended by this: it reminds us all of how fallible we are. The more upset a stranger is by your private actions, the more it is hitting home with that person, reminding him or her of the ugliness inside themselves. The person who spent so much energy degrading you is a sad soul, whose self-hatred and insecurity is somehow triggered by this event. Much like the most homophobic people turn out to be gay…the most righteous, judgmental people simply fear the part of their true self that is called into reality by others’ actions. Forgive yourself, first. I would always rather care for someone who has mistakes on their resume than one who spends their time reading your mistakes aloud. Because really, the more attention a person can draw to another’s imperfections, the less they have to face THEIR OWN. Love to you and yours.

    1. Well said, Ken. Everyone makes foolish, selfish mistakes. That doesn’t make them terrible people. Otherwise, we would all be terrible people.

  48. Wow!…. I’m baffled- isn’t this interesting… Well stay tuned folks, because if this termination isn’t reversed, I’d have to say this will then be “a precedent setting case” Only time will tell how many news anchors, meteorologists etc. will soon be unemployed.

  49. Sara, I’m sure that’s not his/her real name. You sound awfully hateful and jealous of Geoff. I sense an ax to grind. Did Geoff beat you out on a job you wanted? Did he show you up in the workplace that such hatred would take up such a long letter. Whatever it is…you need to let it go, cause you’re scary and you’re probably a loose cannon.You sound like you know him personally and I’m sure that’s the case. Surprised no one has caught onto that.Watch your back with this one Geoff.

  50. i do not believe this private mistake should result in your termination . we all have done things that we were not proud of . i hope they do reconsider because you made watching the news fun and the weather easy to understand . i hope things at home work out . i know your dedication and love for you wife and daughter through your writings is without doubt . wishing you the best luck going forward .

  51. Geoff,

    I don’t know the details and I don’t care to know. Whatever it was, I pray that your family loves you strongly enough to stand by you and work through this situation. Granted, your “inappropriate conduct” was done in the privacy of comments made on Facebook, but it brings to mind certain inappropriate conduct made by Don Imus ON THE AIR. He was fired by CBS, yet others in the industry found it in their best interest to forgive him and he was put back on the air on 77WABC-AM. If they could do it for Imus, someone can do it for you as well. I wish you luck.

  52. Geoff, I am shocked if what I read is true. BUT, this had nothing to do with your job. I am sorry that there are people on here that are being hateful, there is no reason for it. If people like Sara are here to post hateful comments, take it somewhere else. Have you looked in the mirror lately, can you honestly say you do no wrong, I think not. So before you judge Geoff, take a look in the mirror, ask yourself, am I a saint? I think not! Even though I am shocked by what I read, and hopeing its wrong, I will and am sticking by you 100%. You deserve you job back, it had nothing to do with that, it was not on working hours, etc. I pray that your family will find it in their hearts to forgive you and give you another chance. You have alot of work ahead of you and wish you luck on all of it. And, for all the haters, go find something else to do with your time, you are not wanted here!! Good Luck Geoff, I will pray that everything works out for you

    1. It’s amazing how perfect people are when posting anonymously. Think about your worst moments and imagine if they became known to your family and friends. Think about how your family and friends would feel. People who lack empathy are definitionally sociopathic.

  53. Geoff I met you once in New Haven, years ago. You were rude and dismissive. Now that your “real” personality has been public, you want forgiveness? HA!

  54. Geoff,
    You are not the first professional male to get caught up in this, nor will you be the last. I blame all the avenues that are open (computer technology, etc) that make this more available and within easy reach. I know of others, who, thankfully, were not caught–except by their spouses and family members. In my parents day, or my teen years—one had to search for ways—but now, it is right at our fingertips. I am just sorry that you got caught up in this. I also think that the Htfd Tribune/Fox CT made too quick a decision, as far as employment. I cannot believe that throughout their large network, there aren’t others, who just haven’t been “ratted on”.
    Tell your family to hang in there— you are not a bad person. God has provided before, and will continue throughout this new trial. I’m more thankful that you’re not hooked on pain meds, as I was fearing. Something in the network’s decision is awful fishy, in that they would drop you so quickly. If you’re not there, I’ll watch another channel.
    One more thing—they are warning teens today, in high school, to BEWARE, because anything that they put out into the social network is apt to be picked up by a college recruiter and or, eventually an intended workplace, and their future will be in jeopardy. Is the Tribune just using you to make a point??
    Barb- in Naugatuck

  55. I thought “morals clauses” in media contracts kicked in when the talent did something illegal. It is surprising that private chats can be the basis for termination in this day and age. I followed Beth’s link above and sent a respectful message to FOX CT with my thoughts. If nothing else, they are a business and I wonder if they might weigh the potential affect on their ratings based on viewer feedback. In the meantime Geoff, I wish you and your family all the best.

  56. I saw the texts Geoff. I won’t comment on the embarrassing subject matter. I will admit that I was shocked. I was shocked even more that it seemed that it was obvious the person on the other end was setting you up based on the one word or few word responses. I understand the chats were private and it’s none of my business, I always took you for a smart person and just thought that you knew better but I’m not at all judging you Geoff. I went through a pretty rough time myself that Friday night with regards to something I’m not proud of either and like you I too am taking responsibility for it. It seems like you are taking responsiblity for your too and I applaud you for that. I do think you deserve a chance to redeem yourself for doing something stupid. We all do dumb things. I wish I never saw those private texts. It angers me more that they were publicized not so much that they happened. You have my prayers.

  57. um no offense, but geoff made his own bed (and i guess slept in it with another woman(

    why are you people making his bosses out to be the bad guys?

    i mean i can tell you like geoff but what hes done to his family shows he doesnt have the character you all think he has or is..please stop groveling at his feet

  58. I will tell it as it is, Geoff;

    You have let me down. As a 15 year old girl interested in a career in meteorology, I have looked up to you since as long as I can remember. I have learned many things from watching you on Fox / WTNH, reading your blog, and following your social media profiles. Not just about meteorology, photography, or various facts from your science segments, but how to be a well respected public figure. Now I’m not sure if I should throw all of that knowledge away or not. Why would I want to act like you, now that we all know what kind of person you can be? How could this man that comes off as caring, family-oriented, and very, very smart be so stupid to let loose his self control and do this to his family, friends, and loyal viewers? You would think that someone constantly in the public eye like you would have a better hold on their self control, although sadly, we rarely see that. Should I really trust you, Geoff? I’m just not sure anymore.

    Although I will agree with most people and say it was tremendously honorable of you to apologize to everyone and that it was wrong of Fox to fire you simply because of this (to the best of my knowledge), I cannot say I can fully trust you again. I expected my role model to be the man he appears to be on TV and online, and I know now that this is not the case.

    I wish Helaine, Stephanie, and the rest of your family the strength to try and forgive you after this whole thing has died down. Maybe someday you will find a way to redeem yourself from this mistake, but until then, just remember what kind of impact this has and will continue to have on your family, friends, loyal viewers, and the young people like me who looked up to you. I beg that this day will come soon and I can return to following in your footsteps to become the type of great meteorologist that we all know you, Geoff Fox, can be.

    Please don’t screw up again.

    1. That is the problem with role models and hero’s …..we put them up on a pedestal, and like the rest of us, they are only human… when they fall we blame them. But really it is our own distorted image of someone that is to blame……

    2. A betrayal to ones family is wrong, and earth shattering to the family. Geoff has been a great meteorolgist and media personality, but he is human. You are very very young and have not been tested by all of the temptations life has to offer, I hope that you pass all the tests ahead of you, but you may not. I hope you learn to separate the good from the bad in people and that you learn to harbor understanding and forgiveness in your heart. What you have learned from Geoff is still of the same value as it was before he got fired. Let this be another lesson for you, albeit a different type, and don’t let all this get you down.

      1. I thought the same thing..! Plus, the language and tone of the comments certainly do not sound like they have come from any 15 year old. When was the last time you heard a 15 year old say, albeit, harbor understanding, tremendously honorable, etc, etc. I maybe wrong with my assumption but the writing does not appear to come from a youthful teenage writer.

  59. Jeff, thanks for the note. I’ve been watching you since you started and followed you to Fox. I wonder if they realize at Fox there are many like me that tune-in for you but stay for the entire broadcast. I hope to see you back on the air soon. All the best.

  60. Geoff, sorry to hear about all of this. I hope
    everything works out. To Sara we all make
    mistakes , who is perfect. I have been following Geoff
    for years and followed his blogs . I just pray it all
    Turns out well for him.

  61. Geoff, what you said or did on your private time is not our concern, nor should it be your employer’s concern. If it was, a great many people would be unemployed. This post your wrote took a great deal of courage. I don’t judge people; “live and let live”. You’re an excellent meteorologist, and you’re a human being. This does not change how I see you. I’m sorry for what happened to you, and wish you all the best.

  62. I agree with Mike.This is so trifflin, we live in a society where violence is ok, but sex gets people in a frenzy. It’s totally backwards and people need to mind their own damn business. Someone VERY famous sang ” Make love, not war”. Too true… Hey Geoff, come back to Philly TV or Radio where you can tell us “Don’t go to sleep yet”.

  63. While I don’t agree with what you did, it was done on your own time (and presumably not at work and not using work equipment). Therefore, it’s an issue between you and your family, not you and your employer. I believe Tribune Company/FoxCT is in the wrong to fire you. Even if you had a moral turpitude clause, that’s for breaking morality laws, which you haven’t done. If this was done between consenting adults, as you stated, then you also haven’t created a harassing work environment.

    Quite frankly, I, like many others, switched to FoxCT because you were there. You are the meteorologist I trust most in this area. I still watched WFSB in the morning because you weren’t on FoxCT then. But, at night, especially when bad weather was coming, you were the one I’d stay up to watch, or I’d look on the FoxCT website or on your blog for more information on the forecast.

    Your job is a meteorologist, and you are the one I believe does the best job. FoxCT should have focused on that, not what you are doing outside of work. I would hope that by the overwhelming comments to that effect here, and on Facebook, they take notice, and realize that the great majority of commentators feel they made a mistake; we don’t want people fired for what they are legally doing outside of work. We don’t support companies that do that. The moral/ethical part is not for us to judge, nor is it for them to judge. That’s between you and your family.

    I hope you’re able to find a positive resolution for this, and I hope to continue seeing you on the air in this market.

  64. Geoff,
    I’m sorry you and your family are going through this and have to publicly deal with something that was private. I think your employer should have handled it without firing you.
    I’m probably one of the few people here that doesn’t watch the news but I enjoy your blog and FB and twitter feeds. I hope you start up again when you’re ready. Until then, you and your wife and daughter work towards healing your relationships.
    “It’s not how many times you fall that matters, it’s how many times you get up”.

  65. Best of luck with your difficulties.

    I have to ask the question — was it on your own TIME but on a station related Facebook acct?

    That would be a more reasonable cause for dismissal. (And the post is vague about that.)

  66. Everybody makes mistakes, and I mean EVERYBODY. What Geoff did may or may not be considered “inappropriate” but the big question is, did it do any lasting damage to the FoxCT brand? They will have much more to clean up by Geoff’s dismissal and the firestorm of unhappy (and more than likely former) viewers. I know once I compile my list of advertisers I plan to write to tell them I won’t patronize them any longer I will be deleting 61 from all my home televisions. In fact, right now I am sitting in my office deleting FoxCT from 19 campus buildings’ TV distribution system.

    While in all honesty Geoff may have brought this on himself, the party or parties that made it public are also to blame. Private communications should have stood private. Also, how would station management known about something like this? What ever happened to employee disciplinary action instead of outright termination? Personally, I still smell a wrongful termination lawsuit if Geoff were to pursue that avenue and I personally think he would win.

    I’m not a particularly religious person, but Tribune and FoxCT need to man up and consider this old phrase: “may the first one without sin cast the first stone” – I bet you none of the suits at either FoxCT or Tribune come clean on that one.

  67. I had two thoughts—neither of which is very profound. First, there’s no such thing as building up good will—once we make a mistake, that’s all gone. Second, we’re often remembered for the worst thing we did, no matter what preceded it. I guess those two thoughts are pretty much the same. But more important, the good that we do can’t be negated, and the way you have turned people on to science (and specifically meteorology) will remain your legacy. This will be small consolation as you struggle to redeem your personal life, but you need to remember it anyway.

  68. As a public figure, you should have known better. There is no such thing as privacy in today’s electronic age. I have no doubt that the Tribune’s attorneys pondered this termination prior to letting you go. Begging for your job back is not the answer. You already know that answer. Stop whinning, and mend your life. Let time flow by, and do what you must to fix your life with your family, and seek counseling. You’ve ruined your image, with me, and, I’m sure hundreds, if not thousands of people. Sorry Geoff, but as good as a weatherman as you were, you need to be a better person first. No support here. Sorry, once was enough.

  69. Please know that you are loved and supported by a great many of your fan base. The challenges you are going to face in your family will be daunting…I pray that it works out for you. I don’t know the nature of the chats on FB, but I am assuming they were more a threat to your marriage than to your employment. I hope that you can fight the firing and work some arrangement with Fox. Regardless of how this all works out, my prayers that this bump in the road serves to make your bond to your family stronger.

  70. Geoff – at first, I thought I was reading an old post. I had to read the first line 3 times to realize it said FOXCT. I am devastated. My best wishes to you. Wishing this was an old post :-/

  71. I just have to start out by saying that FoxCT was wrong for terminating you for something that had nothing to do with them and only affected your personal life. However, what you did was wrong. It was no mistake and it didn’t happen by accident. I saw the screen shots and with words like that and a confession from you it confirms this situation you created was no mistake. I pray for you, your wife and daughter and hope all of you will begin to heal before the emotional wounds take their toll on each of you and it becomes too late to fix the relationships you have with them. I also wish you the best finding work in this tough economy, it is not an easy time for anyone.

  72. You are a freaking moron. It is shocking to me that you or anyone else are
    stupid enough to carry on an elicit affair on a Social Media platform and are shocked when caught. I’m mean WTF?

    I run a large business and I’m tellin’ yah sport……….it’s not the act, it’s the complete lack of judgement that put you into that situation in the first place.

    The fact that you are now begging for you’re job back in a public forum is pathetic and just goes to further illustrate how disconnected you are from reality. Any chance of you EVER re-entering the visual media just went down the drain with this self aggrandizing stunt.

    Good luck with that job at Staples.

    1. Wow Jeff.. and you are successful in business?? It boggles the mind.

      A) sexual talk, in person or online is not engaging in an “illicit affair.” It’s fantasy… The internet isn’t so advanced that you can engage in sexual activity over it.. yet.

      B) Since when can people be fired from employment for personal, private conduct with another consenting adult?

      This is a matter that should have remained private.

      You being such a business magnate, perhaps you should ask your HR executive at the car-wash or corner store you operate if you can fire an employee for have a sexual chat with someone during their off time, at home, on their personal computer.

      If they say yes, go ahead and send yourself a termination letter, people like you who so quickly attack someone when they are down are never without sin.

    2. Jeff
      Im sure you have done the same if not worse. I am sure most everyone has done something they are sorry for and what Geoff did has nothing to do with you or anyone but his family. It was texting. get over it.

      If one of our former Presidents can participate in an illicit act in the Oval Office of the White House and not be fired (impeached I guess) then you should be able to continue your job. Your viewers need you. While I can understand the reasons why the Tribune Company felt the need to fire you, I respectfully BEG AND BEG AND BEG, please hire Geoff back.

      I appreciate the fact that you were man enough to confess and ask for forgiveness. No need. You didn’t betray your viewers. What you did was wrong, but you behaved badly behind your own front door. The only people you need to be concerned about right now are Helaine and Stephanie. Boy, I wouldn’t want to be you right now living in your house. Hell hath no fury………….seems appropriate right about now. I can tell you from personal experience, no matter how contrite you are and how many promises you make, it’s going to be a long hard road back. Once you break trust and betray, it’s very difficult to earn it back.

      To the Tribune Company/FoxCT, give him his job back. What he did was an embarrassment, but for him, not for you. Geoff is excellent at what he does and his viewers love him. And, not for nothing, when he goes, we go. You’re about to lose a whole bunch of viewers.

  73. Geoff,
    I was shocked to read of your firing. I am appalled that it was for a personal issue which, while wrong, broke no laws and did not impact your work. I am simply disgusted by whoever made a private matter public.

    I pray that your wife and daughter can forgive your transgression, and I truly hope that Tribune reconsiders throwing away a great employee. If they don’t, that would be a foolish mistake even greater than yours.

  74. Geoff:

    Ever since I worked at WTNH in the 80’s, I have always had a great deal of respect for you. Your integrity as a broadcast journalist is of the highest caliber, and no one can ever question your professionalism.

    I think you need to hire an attorney. For years you have taught us about the internet, password safety and integrity, and all things computer geeky.. I don’t believe for a second you used a simple password, so you must have been set up.

    Even if you engaged in this private conversation willingly, only two people could have exposed it- you or her…

    Remember, even though what you did was something that many people don’t particularly find appealing, it was simply fantasy, and not much more explicit than Fifty Shades of Grey— and you can buy that at Stop & Shop!

    Psychologists and marriage counselors will tell you that sexual fantasy is HEALTHY and doesn’t violate the marriage covenant. You didn’t engage in inappropriate conduct with another person, you simply were indulging a fantasy either through boredom or the need to release stress.

    Be with your family, and heal, through conversation, honesty, and education, your relationship. If Helene and your daughter are anything like you, I am sure all will be well.

    And hire an attorney!

  75. What could you be thinking? While your faithful wife was asleep you’re at the computer sexting another woman and glorifying that she’s black with your inane comments in that chat. The women here who are gushing over you are hypocrites. Let’s see how forgiving they would be if it were their husbands who committed this betrayal. Your ego has always been your undoing. The only reason you’re crying crocodile tears now is because you got caught. Had you not been caught you’d be continuing the charade. Regardless of whether you ever get back on TV, you’ll always have a stigma associated with your name. Cheating on your wife and destroying the love and bond you’ve shared for more than three decades shows how insensitive and selfish you are. It’s inexcusable. And it’s immoral.

    1. Steve, I am not gushing over him. I think what he did was absolutely personally wrong. However, he was hired to do a job, a job he does very well and many relied on for his accuracy and no hype. That is what is wrong with this whole deal. His personal life is just that, personal and it should stay that way. There are other people working at that station that have done much worse, are still there or were just hired. Since I don’t want to do what this person did to Geoff I will leave it at that without naming names. I hope the Fox reconsiders their decision considering my statement above or maybe those things should be revisited in lieu of their stance with Geoff? Maybe all those skeletons should be aired? Not something I believe in, but obviously Fox is opening themselves up to this scrutiny.

      1. Hi Pamela: I agree with you regarding the two-faced nature of TV employment. Al Terzi was recently hired by Jeff’s former station (WTIC) and he was previously embrolied in a nasty sexual harrassment suit brought on by a former female anchor he worked with, Janet Peckinpaugh. David Letterman is still on TV after admitting to affairs. But General Petraeus did just step down and others who are “caught with their pants down” so to speak are finding that it’s not so easy anymore to just get their wrists slapped after an indiscretion like the one Jeff committed. None of us knows whether WTIC (Fox) has a morals clause in their contracts that sutomatically call for a firing in cases like this. If so,Jeff should have known better. The point of my comment though was that TOO MANY WOMEN HERE are hypocritically “forgiving” Jeff (“who here hasn’t made a mistake, etc.”) as if it’s no big deal. The fact is if THEIR husbands were caught having an affair (which Jeff’s texts on the facebook pages implied – he asked Zoel “how do I f*** for a white boy?), it WOULD BE a big deal to them,and they would not be so forgiving. Zoel is ALSO at fault. It takes two to tango and she knew Jeff was married. I’m just sick of guys in particular NOT being faithful. It’s an immoral betrayal of trust, but even more damaging, it’s devastating to the innocent wife and kids who then are forced to endure the pain of the deceit and the public embarrassment. This is MORE than a mistake, it’s an indictment of Jeff’s ego, selfishness and lack of character. People here should be looking at that and sending condolences to Jeff’s wife Helaine, rather than fawning over Jeff now as if he is some kind of saint who screwed up one time and is now being crucified for it. The ONLY reason Jeff is so sorry and contriteful now is because he got caught. If he didn’t get caught, he’d probably be sexting again tonight with Zoel or some other woman. For the sake of his wife, daughter and marriage, let’s hope that this event helps make Jeff a better husband,father … and person.

  76. Okay, I found the screen shot and it is sexually graphic. But it’s pretty tame, really, the one page I saw; nothing illegal in it or what I would call damning, If you were single and it had stayed private, it wouldn’t matter at all. Your relationship with your wife is none of our business. But I thought you knew better than to write stuff like this on a computer where nothing is private, even emails. That does show a lapse in judgement which someone clearly exploited by alerting your boss. Too bad because winter storms are coming and I will really miss your coverage. Wish they’d reconsider.

  77. Geoff,
    Like many others, I was shocked at your firing. Confused by the original explanation and disappointed by the posting above. However, I find the “high and mighty” attitude of many above surprising. Who among us has not done something (or things) in life were are not proud and/or ashamed of? I, for one, know I fall into that category. Many people seem to forget that we are ALL human and fallible. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time. I hope others with join me in contacting FOXCT to express our support for your talents as a meteorologist. I’m willing to bet that the high & mighty will make their opinions known and want to let FOXCT management know that their is support for you out there.

  78. Geoff, I support your great work over the years. I would like to see EVERY single person of the Tribune/ Fox CT Company have there personal conversations go public!! Including all top Company executives private conversations exposed!! then lets see who stays and who goes!!whats fair is fair guys.. lets not use Geoff as a scapegoat to portray a high and mighty stance>>> let see all those emails ASAP. Until we do lets get Geoff Back where he belongs On FOX WEATHER!!

  79. I worked at a company that had an an individual that did something that could have been a termination. They decided to give him another chance and had him sign an agreement that if he got involved in anything during a two year period he would be terminated permanently. I think this is a reasonable solution. Then, get yourself squeaky clean again. Everyone here seems to support you and maybe Fox could too. I’m sorry you didn’t follow your own advice and watch the internet. I’ve always felt that you can’t put anything on there that you wouldn’t want to shout on a street corner.

  80. This was on your own time. What was wrong with that. I think there must’ve been some sort of clause in your contract. They did not even give you a chance. Good luck and hope to see you back on TV soon.

  81. Geoff: It is so true that everyone makes mistakes, just look at General Petraeus. However, your mistake didn’t kill anyone and it was on your own time. I will never forget talking to you on the phone and being your weather person of the day many years ago. I hope you get another position, however, I wouldn’t want to work back at the station that was so quick to fire you. Go somewhere where they will appreciate all your good work.

  82. I think someone was out to get you and waited for you to make a mistake. I do not consider this a mistake. You did not do this on company time. As you stated this was between two consenting adults so I think you have an enemy out there.

  83. Geoff Fox has loved being a public figure, has used his family man status to make him more appealing to viewers, and now that he’s been caught in a lurid affair, wants to keep his personal life private. Please. Good for you, Fox and Tribune. Stand by your guns.

    1. What lurid affair He was texting. Not having a lurid affair. What are you the moral monitor? You are not god. He did not do anything to anyone but his family and only needs their forgiveness. He did not murder, rape or molest anyone. Get real. People like you are sickening. Maybe if you had a life you wouldnt be such a tight ass and so hateful. Geoff did nothing to you to me or anyone. Only to his family. Mind your business and dont judge anyone. Even you must have something hidden in the closet.

  84. Mr. Fox has obligations as an on air talent for FoxCT that include work beyond the studio. Whether in a public relations capacity or outreach efforts in charity the on air talent has always walked a very thin line. A thin line Mr. Fox well understands.

    What FoxCT finds objectionable is the concerns of their audience who demand more than just the weather from on air personalities. Mr. Fox is a skilled and intelligent television presenter. He will find important work doing more to help others with his professional experience than any public appeal can accomplish.

    FoxCT does not relish or welcome this embarrassing event.

    The public would be wise to let Mr. Fox work through this with his family and show support on the specific matters that may help encourage forgiveness and atonement.

    Mr. Fox has a great burden to carry at this time and should be honest and caring most for his family, his career is secondary at this time of personal crisis.

  85. @ All the sore losers,

    Get a life! You all are pathetic! What whiners, Really people, if the country is so bad then why do you all who complain not get up and do something about it.

    You are side line people with side lne attitudes. If you can not get in the game to help win, then shut up.
    You talk about 47% where is your job. You all need something take a laxative it may help hopefully

  86. I also stopped watching channel 8 when Geoff left – that’s when I started watching Fox … Guess I will be going to NBC, now. smh

    The only ” controversial ” posts I have seen were about the election ( I was hoping the bosses would not be petty about his voicing his private opinion on a public forum ).

    If this is from something else, only a moral or ethics clause in his contract would give the bosses the right to terminate his contract.

    In either case, Geoff, you and your family are in my prayers.

  87. Keeping you, your family, and your former colleagues at FOXCT in my thoughts and prayers. I think this is a hard thing for everyone, and likely a difficult situation for those at FOX as well. It’s my hope that FOXCT will at least reconsider their decision, though I can’t say I disagree with what they did. Hope you land on your feet and are forgiven by both your family and employer.

  88. This is certainly a cautionary tale… someone above made a statement to the effect of, “Facebook has caused problems for so many people…” (paraphrase). Really? Facebook did not cause this problem; Geoff Fox and “Company” caused this problem. Geoff has postulated as an “expert” on technical matters and spouted in his blog for quite a while about his knowledge of digital media and related technology… surely he, of all people, knew the inevitable consequences of his actions. In fact, in the conversations (yes, I’ve read them), he and his “friend” discussed just this possibility and the potential for disastrous consequences on their careers. He knew that even his personal time could affect his professional life; he wrote as much in the messages. I guess that this was not a secret that could be kept… I suspect that the danger made it even more of a thrill. It appears that someone, somehow, placed this information in front of somebody at Fox CT, and they were placed in a position of having immature, adolescent, EXPLICIT, SEXUAL conversations between one of their most visible, on-air personalities and a woman WHO IS NOT HIS WIFE being “out there” in cyber-space…forever… kind of backs them into a corner, now, doesn’t it? How would your boss react in the same situation, if you were in GF’s place? Do we all make mistakes? Sure. And all mistakes have consequences. This isn’t burning the Thanksgiving turkey or getting drunk and flirting with the boss at the company holiday party… This is a big consequence for a big mistake. Whether they fired Geoff for moral turpitude during his private time through some clause in his contract or just for INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY, I guess they have a right to do it… He can always sue them if they don’t. I agree with Katy’s statement above: his wife and daughter are the injured parties here. I feel sad for them. (Oh, and Eddie… you’re welcome to check my e-mails and Facebook and “make them public”… You are incorrect. A lot of us are not that stupid.)
    Won’t be surprised if this comment doesn’t last long before being deleted…

  89. ANYONE in the media should know that ANYTHING on the internet can be made public by ANYONE. And there is a morals clause in broadcasters’ contracts.
    He’s an idiot. Keep it in your pants, Geoff. Pathetic, really. I agree with an earlier poster who said he was arrogant – you’re arrogant if you think you can get away with this kind of stuff when you’re in the public (even a small “public” like the CT market) eye.
    Dumb. The station has to uphold its requirements = if this leaked and they didn’t fire him, they would have a problem on their hands.

  90. I am proud of you Geoff. You did NOTHING wrong that warrants loosing your job. I am ashamed that they felt this was appropriate action. WHat you did is NOBODY elses business but you and your wife and daughters. And you owe nobody else anything. Your rel friends wont question you and your real friends will stand by you and Im one of them. I hope everything works out for you and if TIC has a brain they will hire you back. The public wants you back. Nothing you did is their business. EVERYONE DESERVES A 2nd CHANCE! You did nothing that is a crime. NOTHING. And Im sure most everyone has a skeleton or two. Im sure many have sexted. Its no biggie. The only people you owe anything to are your wife and daughter. Praying it works out for you

  91. I agree with FoxCT’s dismissal of Geoff. Had the conversation transcript not been leaked, he would still be cheating on his wife today. Not to mention how graphic and harassing the conversation is. Geoff would have ruined the reputation of a very reputable company (Tribune/FoxCT) by allowing viewers to know that FoxCT employs a man with no moral values or values of his own family. I think that Higgins over at WTNH gets the last laugh here.

  92. I only home that you can live with yourself knowing what you did to your wife and daughter who loved you so much. Scumbag.

  93. Geoff I’m surprised at you. Just about everyone knows when youre chatting with someone online they may not be who they say they are, especially if they seem to be a pretty girl who likes to talk to guys. You were probably talking to a guy. I hope someone you know didnt start the facebook page just to chat with you and catch you chatting like this.

  94. John Rowland is a convicted felon. They gave him a radio show. Geoff Fox committed a personal indiscretion. He’s a great broadcaster and clearly knows his responsibility to his audience. That is to provide information. What he has done, and taken complete responsibility for, has nothing to do with his work or work product. Many politicians and public officials have done far worse, give Geoff another chance.

  95. This is pure speculation, but there may be more to the story that has emerged publicly so far. It doesn’t seem like a fireable offense, but we may not have all the details.

    That being said, all the best to the Fox family during this difficult time. The shame and embarrassment are bad enough, but having to address this in public must be excruciating.

  96. Not impressed. When you have a family and a wife who stands by you, things like this should not happen. They do though. More than we know. Noone is perfect, but some of us use better judgement than others. It’s sad when a lack of desire in a caring relationship can drive someone into the arms of someone else. I know folks who have been on the receiving end of things like this, and trust me- it’s not easy. I give the wife credit if she stays with him. Things like this usually have been going on for some time, and are VERY hard to forgive….the trust has been taken away. As for him loosing his job, it must have been pretty bad to actually loose your job. We’re not talking about Gen.Petraeus here.

  97. The definition is spelled out pretty clearly.

    A morals clause is a provision within instruments of the contract which curtail, or restrain, or proscribe certain behavior of individuals or party(s) to the contract. A moral clause within contracts used as a means of holding the individual or Party(s) to a certain behavioral standard so as not to bring disrepute, contempt or scandal to other individual or party to the contract and their interests. It attempts to preserve a public and private image of such a party to the contract. In essence one party to the contract is purchasing the other party’s good name or reputation. These clauses are most seen in contracts between actors and actresses and their studios, athletes and their organization or proprietors of a product that the athlete(s) may endorse or as a part of a marital settlement. Commonly proscribed activity include the use or abuse of alcohol, the use of illegal drugs or narcotics or illegal or illicit sexual activity.

  98. Hmmmm, I wonder why the ‘other’ consenting adult hasn’t been named. I saw screen captures and everything about the other person is blacked out. Not saying what he did was right but his personal time is HIS personal time. Seems like a frame job to me…..

  99. Geoff,
    If you loved your wife & daughter so much you would have kept it in your pants.
    As an adult you (and you alone) made the conscious decision to post those “private” remarks on your Facebook page. Grow up and take it like a man.

  100. If the station fired everyone who has had immorality in their present or past, I’m sure there would be few left to run the station. Unless this was a case of workplace sexual harassment, FoxCt should reconsider the decision to let you go. I continue to pray for you and your family and for full restoration of your relationships of trust, as you prove yourself worthy of it again.

  101. Geoff while I’m not the one to judge nor do I know all the where withalls of what occurred but I think begging for your position back on your blogsite is rather NO its despicable. Your begging while hoping your followers will make calls or write to have your job back is something I wouldn’t tolerate and may have put you in rather low esteem of your employer. I think you as a man should have a private behind closed doors discussion, not bring it before public forum in hopes of swaying your followers to help aid you in obtaining a job. For that I’ve lost all respect for you. As a matter of fact you should have shut your blogsite down and dealt with your situation in private.

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