Static Cling Doppler

11:00 PM, Wednesday

The dew point at Bradley is 2&#176. On the shoreline the numbers are in the teens. The air is bone dry. It is static cling season.

Doppler suffers greatly. Her fur is attracted to blankets and carpets. Her hair stands up like Professor Irwin Corey’s.

I’ve sparked her while hooking leash to collar. My guess is she gets sparked a lot.

I like the scruffy look on Dop, but this time of year she’s probably better served with less fluff factor.

10 thoughts on “Static Cling Doppler”

  1. When ever you post of picture of Doppler, I cannot help but smile! She is a cutie for sure. Nothing like the love of a dog!!!

  2. Have you tried rubbing a dryer sheet ( preferably one labeled ‘gentle’ or ‘chemical free’) on your hand and then patting her? I have used them directly on dogs with no ill effects. Helps some.

  3. I can relate to that static situation. Poor Doppler. I’m sure she gets a little shock too. When I turn my heat on, the air tends to be very dry and so I have had the same problem with my dog Pepper. And additionally, I’ve caused some sparks to fly around here just touching things in the house. I finally got a couple of humidifiers and keep them running 24/7 through the winter and the problem is solved completely. No more doggie static and no more shocks.

  4. My puppy Hannah is always getting shocks this time of year-when she sits on my lap and I pet her on the head-can feel it coming from her backside-poor dog-the shock goes right thru her!!!

  5. Staticy or not, Doppler is still adorable. Definitely one of the two cutest dogs in CT (the other is definitely at my house).

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