65 Years — My Parents’ Accomplishment

Today is my parents 65th wedding anniversary. That’s an amazing accomplishment and yet, knowing my folks, it’s not unexpected. Their marriage was built to last. They are still in love and genuinely fond of each other.

My mom had an accident last spring and deteriorated greatly. There’s no way I could have predicted her recovery and how good it is to speak to her on the phone most days.

My father has begun walking to build his stamina and if he can be believed (sometimes parents like children only give you part of the story) it’s working.

The most significant change in their lives this year is the addition of Lana, who cooks and cares and makes sure they’re doing well. I can’t overstate her positive influence on their lives–though my mom originally pushed back at the idea.

On a trip to Florida 7 or 8 years ago I interviewed my parents and created this video showing how they met. It’s the most romantic thing you’ll see today… or this month… or maybe this year!

13 thoughts on “65 Years — My Parents’ Accomplishment”

  1. How lovely that you have this on video. More people should do this! Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Fox!

  2. Wow. They were married four years before I was born. That’s got to be close to a record.

    Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Fox senior!

  3. Loved seeing the video again. I know that you are glad that you did it then. God has blessed them with a good sense of humor and obviously a love of life . How many siblings do you have, Geoff?
    What an accomplishment—65 yrs and from what you write—still in love. Congratulate them on my behalf.

  4. Hi Geoff! Haven’t read ur Permanent Record (this is something I remind my son about, the permanent record ) for awhile. SO glad to see u posting on here! Almost, but not nearly like, having u back in person! I’m in Ansonia. U know, I just loved seeing an actual Geoff Fox forcast – they were the only correct ones! – wondered if u can maybe put up a Fox’s Forcast on AOL homepage every day? U can get sponsors, etc. You KNOW how many fans you have that would be delighted to still get to know ur forcast, even if in print. OR maybe do a video with it! Yes, that way we can see & hear you again! Wow, good idea or what?? lol MISS YOU & PRAYING FOR U! ((((Geoff))))

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