There’s Turbulence In My Future

I’m flying in the morning. Here’s where being a meteorologist doesn’t help. If you arrive at Bradley tomorrow and find yourself at the same gate with me, be prepared for a bumpy flight!

Lots of turbulence has been reported along the Mississippi tonight. That area will continue moving eastward.

My flight will miss the 150 knots winds, but cross a large area of 100+ knot winds. They will blow hard against the left side of the plane. It will cost us in speed and comfort as the pilot turns the nose to the left of where we’re actually flying.

This is no big deal for the safety of the plane. It might cut down on my reading.

5 thoughts on “There’s Turbulence In My Future”

      1. Great book- all of her books are great reads, but that one might be her best. Her memoir “Wait ’til Next Year” about growing up in Brooklyn as a Dodgers fan was really something else, too.

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