We Did Lunch Today

I know some people a very long time. I know Preston since we were seven, in 2nd grade at PS163Q. We did lunch today.

Preston has an interesting and weighty job at a major TV network. He’s an oft cited source when reporters need perspective on the media. I’ve read his name and seen his quotes in a few books. He’s a prolifiic Tweeter.

He’s also a tireless promoter for shows he believes in. He doesn’t have to do that. It just shows his commitment.

Very smart guy. Incredible stories. Not creatives, but I recognize the names.

We grew up under similar circumstances. He and I are students of television. We both love this stuff.

We met at an Italian restaurant on Ventura. Not much business Friday at 1:00 PM. Stayed over an hour and a half and shmoozed.

Always great to see him.

2 thoughts on “We Did Lunch Today”

  1. Could there be a left coast job in your future? It’s beginning to sound as though part of this pleasure trip may be about business as well.

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