Finally Flying

Sully says we’re at 39,000 feet. I’ll take his word for it. I see nothing below the plane. Smooth ride. Cabin lights dimmed.

Wheels up was at 7:41 PM MST. We’re more than a few hours late. Touchdown at Bradley’s now scheduled for 12:50 AM EST.

I figure, if the roads aren’t bad, we’ll be home around 2:30 AM. Around 15 hours in transit for me!

First world problem. This is a trip that once took months!

Helaine’s asleep. Good idea. I’ll try too.

4 thoughts on “Finally Flying”

  1. have a safe trip home geoff! snowing like crazey in ct the town plows are still plowing my neighborhoods. has been snowing since 4pm our time in ct and still snowing like crazey and more on the way the weekend to. get some rest geoff. patty in pawcatuck.

  2. As I was reading your arrival time, I looked up to see that it was currently 12:52am. I really hope you’re getting ready to disembark. Have a safe drive home!

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