Doppler Helps Measure The Snow!

Doppler, our 9.5 pound Maltese rescue, was at a loss until Helaine dug a trench

There’s now a 40″ snow report from our town, Hamden. I can believe it. The snow is deeper than anything I’ve ever seen before and I lived in Buffalo for four years!

Of course this presents a logistical dilemma. Doppler is approximately short. Our snow piles are approximately ginormous.

We’d convinced Doppler to piddle on our top step, but that was as far as she’d go. Twenty four hours have passed since… well, you know.

Because of my back surgery last summer (how long will this excuse last) Helaine dug a trench then an arena. Doppler was pleased. Though she usually has a full lawn at her disposal (for her disposal) she was glad to get what she got.

Naming rights to Doppler’s arena are available to the highest bidder. Act now, hopefully it won’t be here long.

20 thoughts on “Doppler Helps Measure The Snow!”

  1. How about a take off on the Tom Cruise movie, “Officer and a Gentalman”?

    The song title? “Pathway to the Pooper Zone”

  2. Well Doppler is not alone. My Katie’s 2-legged brother did the same for her in Trumbull…she was very pleased!!! (and she is a bit taller than Doppler and close to 60 pounds) but her favorite place is still curled up in a bed keeping warm!

  3. My Lhasa Bailey was VERY perplexed when she went out this morning. We were lucky that the snow was blowing from the back of our house to the front. This made for a nice path directly under the eves of the house in the front for her business to be done. Now that we have shoveled, and paths have been made, though very small, she is a happy pup!!!!!

  4. Whew! Glad to hear my Wally isn’t the only one who hasn’t…well you know….in 24 hours! He has a nice path from the back door to the front and has peed an awful lot but no.. Ya know. Hopefully tomorrow!

  5. When the dog can go out without a leash because they’re effectively fenced in, you know you have too much snow.

    (Our considerably bigger American Eskimo Dog has been having the same problem as Doppler. Took one look at the snow and tinkled on the porch.)

  6. My dog Hannah wouldn’t go out at all this morning-took one look at the snow and her “daddy” and said No way!!! He got the leash on her and took her out to the deck where she piddled After breakfast her “daddy” also made her a path where she could “go” to her heart’s content. Gotta do what ya gotta do for our puppies!!

  7. My dog has also gone 24hrs. This happened 2 years ago when we had a lot of snow and when he did, well, it was quite noticeable. : )
    I spent over an hour making paths for him to pee, and of course for the family to reach the driveway we can’t dig out of. But first things first…the dog ruled.

  8. My schnauzers didn’t want to go out until I shoveled a path. There was sort of a natural path from the drift on the stairs, but that wasn’t good enough.
    Geoff, I have a question. Might be the only one who doesn’t know, but I’ve heard the TV calling the storm Charlotte, and on the weather channel they keep referring to Nemo. What is the difference and why 2 names?? Thanks

  9. Our 12 pound pooch did the peepee dance inside until her daddy carved a path this morning. Did her business and ran right back in. We can safely let her run free (no access to street yet), but she wants nothing to do with the outside right now. We can’t even open the door to our porch because there’s so much snow.

  10. Our Dobies are 30″ high at the shoulder — they weren’t buying into it either. And the hooded jackets didn’t fly either. Now, will your arena be an ice skating rink Monday night?

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