Like Velvet

Over the past few weeks Doppler has become a dirty dog. It’s one of the uglier effects of a Connecticut winter. Today the schmutz has been put in its place. Doppler got a furcut!

This not a walk-in event. Helaine carries her. Doppler is apprehensive as soon as she hears the other dogs–their sing-a-long already in progress.

The results make it worthwhile. She’s white. She’s fluffy. She weighs a less.

“Like velvet,” said Helaine, while softly stroking Doppler’s neck.

Like velvet, indeed.

4 thoughts on “Like Velvet”

  1. We get our Tibetan Terrier groomed as well–he loves it. COmes home all clean and fluffy, smells really good for a week or so–then he kicks dirt all over himself and his buddies in the back yard and needs a comb-out to get the grass and sticks off him.

    But yeah, soft and fluffy like velvet for at least a while, and he so enjoys it. We just make sure he goes to the same groomer all the time.

    When he gets home, he is all proud and cuddly again–especially in my lap.

    Don’t remember who said it, but the quote goes something like ‘The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog…”

  2. Really depends on the Doggie’s experiences. Our Tibetan beast loves everyone–including the groomer. He’s actually happy to go there.

    What he gets separation anxiety about is if wife and I are both at work for a day, then he’s all over us when we come back…and has to ‘own’ a lap for at least an hour.

    He’s such a lover I suspect a burglar in the house would get licked to death, or the silly dog would just sit there waiting to get petted…and the burglar would trip over the dog on the way out…

  3. Nothing quite so challenging as keeping a white dog “kind of” white in the winter in this neck of the woods.

    @Rick: I never leave my dog alone at the groomer. I stay with him- or the groomer comes to us. I wouldn’t trust anyone with him unless I’m there.

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